Choqok 0.6.1

Mehrdad Momeny mehrdad.momeny at
Thu Jun 18 12:21:17 CEST 2009

Name: Choqok
Version: 0.6.1
Type: KDE Web Application
Depend: KDE 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 KDE Micro-blogging client.

The name comes from an ancient Persian word, means

[b]Its current features:[/b]
* Supporting User + His/Her Friends time-lines
* Supporting @Reply time-lines
* Supporting Multiple Accounts simultaneously.
* Supporting mono-blogging service
(Using its Twitter compatible API)
* Supporting self hosted Laconica websites. (Using
its Twitter compatible API)
* Support for send and receive direct messages
* Supporting search APIs for all services.
* Twitpic integration.
* KWallet integration
* Ability to make a quick tweet with global
shortcuts (Ctrl+Meta+T)
* Ability to notify user about new statuses text,
with KNotification and Libnotify's notify-send
* Support for shortening urls with more than 30
* Support for configuring status lists appearance.
* and other configure options...

[b]Use KDE Bug tracker ( for
reporting bugs and requesting new features[/b]

you need CMake and KDE 4.1 development pkg to
compile it. on ubuntu its pkg is kdelibs5-dev.
take a look at README file for build instructions.

[i][b]Donation option is available at Choqok

 [b]Version 0.6.1 -- 13-Jun-2009[/b]
* Problem with twitter fixed!

[b]Version 0.6 -- 22-May-2009[/b]
* Add support for smilies in texts.
* Add support for ReTweet function.
* integration added, Posting to it and
showing a thumbnail of it's pictures.
* Posting "Currently listening to ..." text for
Amarok 2.X Player implemented!
* Option to use a custom browser instead of kde
default implemented! (For Gnome users)
* Ability to abort posting new status.
* A "Who is ..." item added to user menu, to see
Bio/Url and name of a user.
* Support for shorturls service added.
* Better support for right to left languages, And
users who use multiple languages with different
* Image caching improved and some related bugs

[b]Version 0.5 -- 21-Mar-2009 [/b]
- search API implemented. (Stephen
- search API implemented. (Stephen
- Integration of search facilities in MainWindow.
and less need of using web browser. (Daniel
- Support for Laconica websites implemented.
- Showing base status of a reply status on choqoK
- Icon updated.
- Many improvements on UI. (Daniel Schaal)
- Support for shortening urls on paste. (Stephen
+ bug fix and other improvements.

[b]Version 0.4 -- 12-Feb-2009 [/b]

- Support for all functionalities of “Direct
Messages” implemented.
- support for recognizing link of’s
Tags and Groups implemented.
- First run wizard.
- Ability to Enable/Disable Notifications and
Updating time-lines via system tray context menu.
- Support for TightURL (a free url shortening
service) implemented.
- Support for using secure connections (HTTPS) is
Back, it was disabled because the server
doesn’t support it before.
- Bunch of known bugs fixed.

[b]Version 0.3.1 -- 12-Jan-2009 [/b]
- On version 0.3 because of changes on accounts
system, you have to remove previous account was
created by 0.2 or 0.1 version manually! This bug
is fixed, and you can remove it now from account

[b]Version 0.3 -- 11-Jan-2009 [/b]
- Support for Multiple Accounts implemented.
- Support for service implemented.
(Currently using its Twitter compatible API)
- Some information about user and Links added to
User Interface via tooltips.
- The shape of post new status field on mainWindow
changed to be more user friendly and more usable.
- Ability to Post new status to All available
accounts implemented on Quick tweet tool.
- KWallet integration implemented.
- Media files manager improved.
- Support for Enabling or Disabling Spell checker
by a shortcut key on new Tweet fields added.
- Some reported and known bugs fixed.

[b]version 0.2 -- 01-Jan-2009 [/b]
- Fetching User Images moved to background and
make it asynchronous.
- Support for batch notifying added.
- Support for using secure connection (HTTPS)
- Support for KNotification implemented.
- Source code issues reported by Krazy fixed.
- Bug fix on saving statuses list.
- Support for shortening Urls with more than 30
characters implemented.
- The back-end functions migrated to KIO library.

[b]version 0.1 -- 24-Dec-2008 [/b]
- Initial release.

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