Audex 0.71b3

Marco Mania marconelles at
Mon Jun 8 14:19:20 CEST 2009

Name: Audex
Version: 0.71b3
Type: KDE CD/DVD Software
Depend: KDE 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 Due to the lack of a good cdda extraction tool
with view on archival funtions, audex is a new
audio grabber tool for CD-ROM drives based on KDE

Audex creates profiles for LAME, OGG Vorbis
(oggenc), FLAC, FAAC (MP4/M4A/AAC) and RIFF WAVE.
Please install your favorite encoder.
Of course for WAVE no external encoder is needed!
Beyond you can define custom profile, which means,
that audex works together with commmand line
encoders in general.

Some features are:
*  Extracting with CDDA Paranoia. So you have
quite perfect audio quality.
* Extracting and encoding run parallel.
* Filename editing with local and remote
CDDB/FreeDB database.
* Metadata correction tools like capitalize etc.
* Multi-profile extraction (with one
commandline-encoder per profile).
* Fetch covers from the internet and store them in
the database.
* Create playlists, cover and template-based-info
files in target directory.
* Creates extraction and encoding protocols.
* Transfer files with KDE KIO-Slaves.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you upgrade to Version 0.70
please delete your old configuration file:
rm ~/.kde4/share/config/audexrc

NOTE: In Version 0.71 the command line preset for
MP4/M4A (AAC) was optimized. If you use MP4/M4A
(AAC) please delete the old profiles and create
new ones with the codec scan.

 Changelog 0.71 beta 3 (urban release)
* Dutch translation (Kenny Verstraete)
* Portuguese (Márcio Moraes)
* Bugfix: Slider update
* Bugfix: Update profiles after loaded from
external file

Changelog 0.71 beta 2 (anticipation release)
* Some minor bugfixes...

Changelog 0.71 (beautiful spring release)
* Czech translation (Pavel Fric)
* German translation (Thomas Kamps)
* New feature: Replace spaces with underscores in
path- und filenames
* New feature: Context menu for track listview
* Bugfix: "Copy profile" function does not update
* Bugfix: Corrected FLAC command line preset
* Bugfix: Taking over changes in CD data for tags
* Changed FAAC filename suffix from AAC to M4A
* Optimized FAAC command line preset
* Does not overwrite discid file on multi cd any
* Many small bugfixes... (thx to all reporters!)

Changelog 0.70 (patchwork easter release):
*  Many GUI changes/fixes
* More user-friendly common encoder quality
selection (ogg vorbis,mp3,flac,faac,wav,custom)
* KIO slave transfer
* ListView -> TreeView and checkboxes to select
which tracks to rip
* Squash "/"-or-"\""-in-filename-bug
* Merge playlist, checksum file on multi-cd
* Recognizes "(disc 1)" "(disc 2)" in cd title
* Many, many small bugfixes... (thx to all

Changelog 0.62 (cold winter release):
* Removed leaning effect of cover reflection and
added a slight blur effect to the reflection
* Profile combobox now works as expected (I
hope... :-) )
* Perform auto cddb/cover lookup
* Resized coverfetch dialog (640x480 minimum size)
* New variable $cover for sending a temporary
cover file to a command line endcoder
* Small bugfixes... (thx to all reporters!)

Changelog 0.61 (xmas release):
* Many bugfixes
* Beyond the "confusing" xml naming scheme, you
can use "normal" variables instead

Changelog 0.6 (free weekend release):
* New XML-based scheme definitions.
* Assistant will help you creating profiles.
* Cover fetching from amazon works again
* Store SFV files for the music files.
* Store text files with predefined information.
* A lot of Bugfixes...

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