Veusz 1.4

Jeremy Sanders jeremy at
Thu Jun 4 10:55:32 CEST 2009

Name: Veusz
Version: 1.4
Type: KDE Scientific
Depend: Qt 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 Veusz is a scientific plotting package, designed
to create publication-ready Postscript or PDF
output. It can create line graphs, XY plots,
histograms, shapes, images and contour plots. It
features GUI, command-line, and scripting
interfaces. Graphs are constructed from
components, allowing complex layouts to be

  * Dates can be plotted on axes
 * Bar graph component, support bars in groups and
stacked bars with error bars
 * Improved import
   - text lines can be ignored in imported files
   - prefix and suffix can be added to dataset
   - more robust import dialog
 * Markers can be "thinned" for large datasets
 * Further LaTeX support, including \frac for
fractions and \\ for line breaks.
 * Keys show error bars on datasets with errors
 * Axes can scale plotted data by a factor
 * Mac OS X binary now shows icons

More minor changes
 * Mathematical expressions can be entered in many
places where numbers are entered (e.g. axis
 * Many more latex symbols
 * Text labels can also be placed outside graphs
directly on pages
 * Dataset expressions can be edited
 * Data can be copied out of data edit dialog.
Rows can be inserted or deleted.
 * Mac format line terminators are allowed in
import files
 * Preview window resizes properly in import

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