kmj 0.3

Wolfgang Rohdewald wolfgang at
Sat Jul 18 12:35:59 CEST 2009

Name: kmj
Version: 0.3
Type: KDE Board Game
Depend: KDE 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

This is the classical Mah Jongg for four players. 
If you are looking for the Mah Jongg solitaire
please use the application kmahjongg.

Right now this program lets you choose the tiles
every player had at the end of a hand. It will
then compute the scores and make the payments
between the players. The results are saved in a
database for later consultation, or if you want to
continue a game at a later date.                  

kmj comes with a ruleset for classical chinese as
played in Germany.  You can change the ruleset at
your will and also define whole new rulesets. The
rules for a game are saved in the database, so
every game could be played with different rules.
Changing a ruleset does not affect existing games.

In the future kmj will get a real playing mode:
play against the computer or against other players
over the network.

This program is still in heavy development, so be
warned - it might do unexpected things like
erasing your hard disk or eating your cat.

You can always get the current source code:

svn co

Until now kmj has been downloaded 83 times but I
got no feedback at all - with one exception about
an installation problem. Please tell me what you
like or dislike, and what you would like to be


kmj is a true KDE4 application and therefore
requires KDE4 as well as
the QT4 libraries.

kmj needs: (debian packages)
- the KDE4 games library (libkdegames5)
- Python 2.5 or higher (python)
- QT4.4 or higher (libqt4-core, libqt4-gui,
libqt4-svg, libqt4-sql, libqt4-sql-sqlite)
- the python bindings for QT4  (python-qt4,
python-qt4-sql, python-sip4-dev)
- the python bindings for KDE4 (python-kde4)
- sqlite3 (libsqlite3-0)

Installing kmj

use the .deb package or the .rpm package. If they
do not work for you, you can download
kmj-x-y.tar.gz and then do:

tar xfz kmj-x-y.tar.gz
cd kmj-x-y
./ install


The basic installation contains all languages for
whom there
is a translated comment in kmj.desktop.
Here you can check if there is a translation for

You can download wanted translations like this:
svn co
where XX is the wanted language

Install this file in the right directory. This
could be one
of those, or somewhere else depending on your


When unsure, you can ask the system for the
directory with all translations:

kde4-config --install locale # returns
/usr/share/locale on my system

If your language is missing or not fully
translated, feel free to translate it!

 18 Jul 2009 Release 0.3
- faster startup
- save used rules with game
- save rulesets in data base
- ruleset editor
- implement full Classical Chinese ruleset
- user manual describes rule system
- implemented penalties
- save / restore window geometry and column widths
- more consistent english texts, german
translation fixes
- many bug fixes and smaller improvements

02 Mai 2009 Release 0.2
- User manual
- can now be used without the mouse
- installs foreign language translations as far as
they appear in kmj.desktop. Currently:
  German, Portuguese, Brasilian Portuguese,
Swedish, UK English, Estonian, Ukrainian
- improve installations scripts
- many bug fixes

21 Apr 2009 Initial public release 0.1

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