Kraft 0.31

Klaas Freitag freitag at
Fri Jan 23 15:57:10 CET 2009

Name: Kraft
Version: 0.31
Type: KDE Business Software
Depend: KDE 3.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 Kraft is KDE-Software for people who operate a
small business. Kraft helps to create business
communication documents like offers and invoices.

Kraft is not specialized on a certain trade or
Instead Kraft covers the practical issues of a
small business and helps through ease of use yet
powerful features to deal with most of the office
jobs effectively.

Please read the homepage at
[url][/url] for more details.

 I am happy to annouce Kraft version 0.31. This is
a maintenance release which fixes the missing
translations of version 0.30. 
Additionally it brings two new features: 
1. Item Import: items can be imported into a
document from file, e.g. a csv file. The format of
the import file can be specified. 
2. A read only document view was added, based on
html output with a customizable look.

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