Simple Root Actions Menu 2.1.0

Mladen Pejaković pejakm at
Tue Jan 13 12:16:46 CET 2009

Name: Simple Root Actions Menu
Version: 2.1.0
Type: KDE Service Menu
License: GPL
More Info:

 This is menu that I use, I thought it would be
usefull for some people so I decided to share it.

It is very simple, it contains 4 menu entries:
-delete as root ("sram_d.desktop", for all files
and folders)
-edit as root ("sram_e.desktop", for all text
-open as root ("sram_o.desktop", for all folders)
-run as root ("sram_r.desktop", for all executable

Since the menu become popular I decided to make an
installation script. So, from version 1.3 "Simpe
Root Actions Menu" comes packed within shell
script file - Installer script. The installer
gives you ability to define various parameters of
the installation, like whether you want to install
the menu for konqueror or dolphin, what text
editor to use, whether to use kdesu or gksu, etc.
Version 2 (and greater) supports KDE 4.


Download and unpack the content and run
"sram_install" in your shell ("./sram_install")
Follow menu instructions.

Be sure to read [b]README[/b] file first!!!


You can send me [b]translations[/b] to your
language if you want, so I can update the menus.
Also comments or suggestions are welcome.

Current translations:

* Bosnian
* Bulgarian (by chichovoto)
* Croatian
* Czech (by mikefly)
* Dutch (by Jelle Van de Velde)
* French (by Jelle Van de Velde)
* Friulian (by Cristiano Dri)
* German (by Andreas Butti)
* Hungarian (by zsohu)
* Italian (by Marco Rocca)
* Japanese (by Yuya Tanaka)
* Polish (by Tomasz Dunal)
* Portuguese (by Victor Cardoso)
* Portuguese - Brazilian (by Alexey Antonyuk)
* Russian (by Alexey Antonyuk)
* Slovenian (by Mihael Simonic)
* Serbian
* Spanish (by figue)
* Swedish (by Jan-Helge Fagerström)
* Turkish (by Hakan Duran)
* Ukrainian (by Sergiy Yaremenko)

Thanks to all translators!

[u]Strings for translation:[/u]

Name[[color=#777777]xx[/color]]=[i]Delete as
Name[[color=#777777]xx[/color]]=[i]Edit as
Name[[color=#777777]xx[/color]]=[i]Open as
Name[[color=#777777]xx[/color]]=[i]Run as root[/i]

("[color=#777777]xx[/color]" is your country


If You use this menu prior to versions 1.3 please
remove it manually first, and then run installer.
Uninstallation will not remove old files

2.1.0 - Tuesday, 13. January 2009

 + Automatical KDE version checker (KDE version
chooser will display only if both KDE 3 and KDE 4
are found)
 + Added "x-trash.desktop" and "x-gettext.desktop"
file types to edit menu
 + Serbian Latin locale fix for KDE 3
 + Added Ukrainian translation (by Sergiy

2.0.0 - Wednesday, 7. January 2009

 + Installation script now supports KDE4 service
 + minor code cleanup, fixes and eyecandy

1.4.2 - Tuesday, 18. November 2008

 + Fix: nasty bug with Service Types (introduced
in version 1.4.1)
 + Added Slovenian translation (by Mihael Simonic)

1.4.1 - Monday, 17. November 2008

 + Added translations:  Friulian (by Cristiano
Dri) and Czech (by mikefly)
 + Minor changes to service menus (added
"Type=Service" lines)

1.4.0 - Thursday, 13. March 2008

 + Fix: installation script now works correctly if
the KDE prefix dir is other than /usr

1.3.1 - Monday, 14. January 2008

 + Added translations: Portuguese (by Victor
Cardoso), Portuguese - Brazilian (by Alexey
Antonyuk) and Russian (by Alexey Antonyuk)
 + Fix: "Open as root" menu fix for folders with
empty space in their name

1.3 - Wednesday, 9. January 2008

 + First installer release
 + Added translations: French (by Jelle Van de
Velde), Italian (by Marco Rocca) and Turkish (by
Hakan Duran)
 + Small improvements to service menu exec
 + Small improvements for use with dolphin service
 + Change: "Open as root" menu icon changed from
"folder_yellow" to "folder_open"

1.2 - Thursday, 3. January 2008

 + Added translations: Bulgarian (by chichovoto),
Polish (by Tomasz Dunal), Dutch (Jelle Van de
Velde) and Japanese (by Yuya Tanaka)

1.1 - Wednesday, 2. January 2008

 + Added translations: German (by Andreas Butti),
Hungarian (by zsohu), Spanish (by figue) and
Swedish (by Jan-Helge Fagerström)

1.0 - Tuesday, 1. January 2008

 - First public release

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