KNDISWrapper 0.3.8

Joerg Zopes joerg.zopes at
Mon Jan 12 18:02:07 CET 2009

Name: KNDISWrapper
Version: 0.3.8
Type: KDE System Tool
Depend: KDE 3.5.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 A GUI for ndiswrapper. Inspired by ndisgtk
(thanks for it!)
There are repositories now for Mandriva at
(thanks to mapi)
and rpm packages for SuSE Linux at
(tanks to Andrea Florio)

I have uploaded a blank language file for 0.3.5. 

 0.3.8 I've made a few changes to the dhcp setup
script. Thanks to  
Troy S. McRoodberg the application now has a
russian translation file. I also made the
ndiswrapper "cards known to work" wiki available.
The application checks now at the installation
process if there are enties in the wiki (offline)
for the hardware present in the computer (hardware
id). So you may get helpfull hints for the
installation process (where to get an appropriate
driver, did it work on someone else PC and so on
...). You can even browse the wiki-file and search
within it. I'll try to update the wikifile

0.3.7 KNDISWrapper can now speak brasilian. A
language file for brasilian was provided by
Márcio P. Moraes. Thank you very much.

0.3.6 Did some more tweaks at the wifi setup. By
invoking the app with --disablerootcheck you can
disable the internal root check. The app still
needs root right to run properly. With
--disablenetconf you remove the net config button.
 I was asked by someone to add this feature ....
Now you can also connect to network with
encryption set to off (no encryption).

0.3.5 Improvment of the wifi setup. Language files
are now included into the source and the rpm
package. You can now select the language with the
first startup of the app or by invocing the prog
with --setup as root.

0.3.4 Language Files for German and Simplified
Chinese are availabel. The Language File for
Simplified Chinese is a courtesy of Ni Hui.
A Language File for Italian is in the making.

0.3.4 Added language support. A blank language
file is provided an I will upload a german
translation soon. The language file must be named:
kndiswrapper_xx.qm where xx stands for the country
code. For example for Italy the filename must be:
kndiswrapper_it.qm. The file must be placed at
/root/.kndiswrapper/translations. The gui loads
the language file depending on the language
setting for the desktop. 

0.3.3 Added profiles to the network configuration.
Now you can save different network configuration
for a interface. With a click of the mouse you
change the configuration of the network. A feature
for user with a notebook who use different
configuration at different locations.

0.3.2 Fixing some bugs (dhcp-config) and other
minor flaws. I did some testing with a Fritz-Box
and a Speedport W700V

0.3.1 Adding a setup feature so you can now setup
your wireless network (inc. encryption, dhcp or
static ip)

0.2.5 Doing a bit more to help a user to install a
driver and checking for problems and fix them.

0.2.0 Just generic support to install windows

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