KDiff3 0.9.93

Joachim Eibl joachim.eibl at gmx.de
Tue Jan 6 20:13:13 CET 2009

Name: KDiff3
Version: 0.9.93
Type: KDE Development Tool
Depend: KDE 4.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://kdiff3.sourceforge.net
More Info:

 Tool for Comparison and Merge of Files and

Shows the differences line by line and character
by character (!).
Provides an automatic merge-facility and
an integrated editor for comfortable solving of
Supports KIO on KDE (allows accessing ftp, sftp,
fish, smb etc.).

Unicode & UTF-8 support

Translations by the KDE-I18N-Team:
Interface: az, bg, br, ca, cs, cy, da, de, el, en,
en_GB, es, et, fr, ga, gl, hi, hu, is, it, ja, ka,
lt, nb, nl, pl, pt, pt_BR, ro, ru, rw, sr,
sr at Latn, sv, ta, tg, tr, uk, zh_CN

Documentation: da, de, es, et, fr, it, nl, pt, sv

 KDiff3 0.9.93:
- KDE4 support
(for other changes see the homepage)

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