kopcat 0.1.2

Sebastian Rettenberger rettich at volloeko.de
Fri Jan 2 20:29:19 CET 2009

Name: kopcat
Version: 0.1.2
Type: KDE Chat Application
Depend: KDE 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 This small Python script is inspired by
netcat.But instead of sending files (and data)
directly over the network, this script uses Kopete
(and DBus) for sending.

Just make sure you have Python (and the
python-dbus packege of your distribution)
installed and have fun with the script.

[size=2]Some [b]examples[/b] how to use this
script (assuming Foobar is one of your meta
[quote]kopcat.py -f Foobar README[/quote]
This command will send the README file to Foobar
over file transfer. (Same as selecting in Kopete
Contact->Send File->...)

[quote]kopcat.py Foobar README[/quote]
This command will send the README file inline.
(Same as copy & paste the content of the file into
the chat und press "Send")

[quote]cat README | grep kopcat | kopcat.py
This command will send all lines from the README
file which contain the word "kopcat".

The last command probably shows you the aim of the
script: [u]To combine the powerful command line
tools with modern graphical interfaces.[/u]

[size=1]Help wanted[/size]
I'm sure this script will also work with KDE3 and
DCOP, but I have nothing to test this.

 [size=2][b]Version 0.1.2[/b][/size]
* Fix error handling for binary data completely
* Some internal code improvement
* Add new option "-l" for "streaming" text

[size=2][b]Version 0.1.1[/b][/size]
* Print help message even if Kopete isn't running.
* The test if the contact is online is optional
because in some Kopete versions it isn't
* Catch the error message if you try to send
binary data inline.

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