Wikipedia Dump Reader 0.2.9

benjamin thyreau kdeapps at
Tue Feb 10 23:41:24 CET 2009

Name: Wikipedia Dump Reader
Version: 0.2.9
Type: KDE Education
Depend: PyKDE/PyQt
License: GPL
More Info:

 This simple programs display the text-only
wikipedia compressed dumps, currently available at,
generally named something like

It's fairly useable now although lots of 
rendering issues occurs

Features includes a Qt viewer with basic text
markup, following links, ability to read directly
on the .bz2 compressed file (altough some index
creations step is needed on first run), tab-like
list of articles with load-in-the-background by
default, a simple but useful keyword search, very
light source-code, optional latex rendering.

The code requires PyQt4

Older versions has been tested on Fedora Core 4
and Kubuntu with PyQt4.1 (Python 2.4, Qt 4.2), and
Ubuntu Gutsy.

See included README

Note that the development tree is now hosted on
launchpad. See

Any comment is welcome.

 Updated to 0.2.9:
- make it able to load Wiktionary non-uppercased
- Ability to load a 64-bits module - Thanks to
Michael Heide  
- added a small UI layout - Thanks to GreenReaper
- Better corrupted files handling

Updated to 0.2.8:
- Sorry : no program changes, but a much more
friendly opening dialog
Built a rough Ubuntu package, to ease installation
for unexperienced users running Ubuntu Gutsy or

Updated to 0.2.7:
- minor rendering fixes
- a few more macros

Updated to 0.2.6:
- better wikisyntax parsing
- minor bugfixes

Updated to 0.2.5:
- Bugfixes and improvement in rendering. 
- Moved the development tree to lp
- optional fontsize

Updated to 0.2.4:
- Optional Latex/texvc call to render math. thanks
to Mathieu Beliveau 

Updated to 0.2.3:
- Fixed an obvious overflow bug in the index
creation code.
Rebuilding the index is necessary, sorry. To force
it, delete the two *idx files before running the
program, and be patient (English dumps index
creation takes several dozen minutes)
- basic table and footnotes support

Updated to 0.2.1 : fix a bug when reading articles
on blocks boundaries
Updated to 0.2.2 : improved wiki rendering for
lists and definitions

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