Kid3 1.2

Urs Fleisch ufleisch at
Wed Apr 29 22:20:33 CEST 2009

Name: Kid3
Version: 1.2
Type: KDE Sound Application
Depend: Qt 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 If you want to easily tag multiple MP3,
Ogg/Vorbis, FLAC, MPC, MP4/AAC, MP2, Speex,
TrueAudio and WavPack files (e.g. full albums)
without typing the same information again and
again and have control over both ID3v1 and ID3v2
tags, then Kid3 is the program you are looking

With Kid3 you can:
- Edit ID3v1.1 tags
- Edit all ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 frames
- Convert between ID3v1.1, ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4
- Edit tags in MP3, Ogg/Vorbis, FLAC, MPC,
MP4/AAC, MP2, Speex, TrueAudio and WavPack files
- Edit tags of multiple files, e.g. the artist,
album, year and genre of all files of an album
typically have the same values and can be set
- Generate tags from filenames
- Generate filenames from tags
- Rename and create directories from tags
- Generate playlist files
- Automatically convert upper and lower case and
replace strings
- Import from, MusicBrainz, Discogs
and other sources of album data
- Export tags as CSV, HTML, playlists, Kover XML
and in other formats

 Wed Apr 29 2009 Urs Fleisch
* Release 1.2
* New:
  + Import of album cover art from various
  + Mark changed tag fields and filenames.
  + Option to store ID3v2 genre as text instead of
numeric string.
  + Track number format with configurable amount
of leading zeros.
* Improved:
  + Directory deb to generate Debian packages for
KDE 4 and Qt 4 or
    KDE 3 and Qt3.
  + Proxy authentication with Qt 4.
  + Display and editing of COMM, PRIV, UFID, MCDI
and POPM frames.
  + Technical details (bitrate, codec, ...) for
export and filter.
* Fixed:
  + Format replacements %c, %y, ... are replaced
with empty
    strings if the corresponding field is empty
  + Charset for import.
  + ID3v1 fields are displayed correctly after
saving when the
    ID3v2.3 encoding is set to UTF16.
  + Correct header information for MP3 files with
attached picture
    or without ID3v1 tag.
  + Adapted to Discogs server update.

Sat Oct 25 2008 Urs Fleisch
* Release 1.1
* New:
  + Dutch translation.
  + New general frame types Album Artist,
Grouping, Lyrics, Media, Remixer.
  + Setting character encoding for ID3v1.1 tags.
  + Import additional tags from Discogs and
* Improved:
  + All frame types (not only Artist, Album, ...)
can be used for all operations (e.g. import,
export, tag  file name, rename, ...).
* Fixed:
  + Build for KDE 3 without id3lib or TagLib
  + Supress using unsupported UTF-8 for ID3v2.3
  + Qt 4, KDE 4: Wrong track times in import
dialog when some track times are missing.
  + KDE 4: Translations with arguments (%1, %2).
  + Windows: Displaying pictures with JPEG plugin.
  + MacOS X: Dropping and displaying pictures.

Thu Apr  3 2008 Urs Fleisch
* Release 1.0
* New:
  + File filter.
  + D-Bus interface to control application by
  + Long format codes %{title}, %{album}, ... and
tooltips for formats.
  + Support for FLAC pictures.
  + Polish translation.
* Improved:
  + GUI and usability.
  + Rename directory wizard.
  + Use xdg-open as the default web browser.
  + Display description instead of TXXX and WXXX.
  + Add pictures to files by drag and drop and
from cllipboard.
  + Compilation with GCC 4.3 and compiler
detection for kid3-qt.
  + Support for TagLib 1.5.
* Fixed:
  + KDE 4 docs in correct directory.
  + Crash when TSST frame was added to ID3v2.3.0
  + Disappearing ID3v1 genres.
  + Possible crash when import or export format
was added.

Thu Nov 15 2007 Urs Fleisch
* Release 0.10
* New:
  + All frames can be edited in tables, not only
the standard tags.
  + Support for MP4/AAC, MP2, Speex, TrueAudio,
and WavPack files.
  + Default encoding can be configured.
  + Italian translation.
  + Support build with KDE 4.
* Improved:
  + Conversion between ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 for all
supported frames.
  + GUI and usability.
  + Qt4 version builds without Qt3Support module
* Fixed:
  + Correct kid3-qt icon.
  + kid3-qt builds correctly without id3lib or
without MusicBrainz.
  + Remove deleted user actions from
  + Allow new export/import formats with empty
  + Reread file after conversion from ID3v2.4 to
  + Rename directory does not rename when tags are

Sat May  5 Urs Fleisch
* Release 0.9
* New:
  + Hierarchical directory tree instead of flat
file list.
  + Enhanced context menu commands, can be used to
browse for lyrics and album art.
  + Import from
  + Conversion between ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 tags.
  + Editor for custom genres.
  + Option to mark truncated ID3v1.1 fields.
* Improved:
  + Frames are listed alphabetically and can be
edited and deleted in multiple files.
  + Import from (formerly
* Fixed:
  + MusicBrainz fingerprint import.

Tue Nov 21 Urs Fleisch
* Release 0.8.1
* Fixed:
  + A new Custom genre was added on termination.

Sat Nov 11 Urs Fleisch
* Release 0.8
* New:
  + Import from, Discogs and
MusicBrainz release database.
  + Support for ID3v2.4 and MPC using TagLib.
  + Context specific help in dialogs.
  + Support build with Qt4.
* Improved:
  + Show tag formats.
  + Remove non-letter characters before matching
by title in import dialog.
  + Buttons to save dialog specific settings.
* Fixed:
  + Allow building with tunepimp 0.5.x.
  + Place kid3.desktop in
  + Fix inadvertent changes of ID3v2.3 genre
  + Remove trailing zeroes in unicode strings.

Wed Jun  7  2006  Urs Fleisch
* Release 0.7
* New:
  + Export dialog can export tags as CSV, HTML,
playlists, Kover XML and other formats. CSV files
can be imported again.
  + Show/hide ID3v1.1/ID3v2.3 controls.
  + Custom strings can be used for ID3v2.3,
Ogg/Vorbis and FLAC genres.
  + Automatic numbering of tracks.
* Improved:
  + Direct menus for and MusicBrainz
  + import has suggested search string,
search history.
  + Imported tracks can be reordered to match
track number, title or length.
  + Format while editing affects most operations,
is split into separate options for filenames and
tags, menu commands to apply filename format and
tag format.
  + Case conversion is done before string
replacements, so that "case exceptions" can be
  + Builds with libtunepimp 0.4.x.
* Fixed:
  + Remove temporary Ogg file when filename and
tags are changed.
  + Mark file as changed when Ogg genre is
  + Correct length restriction for ID3v1.1
  + Open directories with special characters from
the command line.
  + Import from file/clipboard does not use
durations from previous import.

Mon Oct 24 2005 Urs Fleisch
* Release 0.6
* Support for Ogg/Vorbis and FLAC files
* Import from MusicBrainz
* Usability improvements

Mon Jul 26 2004 Urs Fleisch
* Release 0.5
* When importing, check the length and the count
of the tracks
* Keyboard shortcut configuration
* Rename and create directories from tags
* Display information about tags, bitrate, length,

Sat Jan 24 2004 Urs Fleisch
* Release 0.4
* Direct import from
* compliant kid3.desktop file
* Accept input if there is no year or
genre information
* File renaming works on Windows filesystems if
case changed
* Context menu in string replacement table
* Progress bar while saving directory

Sat Oct 18 2003 Urs Fleisch
* Release 0.3
* Automatic case conversion and string
* Import of album data from and other
* Improved Windows (Qt only) version: persisted
configuration, online help
* Support files for KDevelop and Visual C++
* Improved Unicode support, however some bugs in
id3lib have to be fixed before this is of real use

Sat Sep 06 2003 Egor S. Orlov
* Added russian translation

Thu May 13 2003 Urs Fleisch
* Release 0.2.1
* Now uses the standard automake/autoconf build
process provided by kapptemplate.

Sat Apr 26 2003 Urs Fleisch
* Release 0.2
* Use QScrollView for control widgets at the right
side and separate them from the filelist by a
QSplitter, so that the window can be resized to a
small size.
* Show busy cursor while reading and writing

Thu Jan 16 2003 Urs Fleisch
* Started ChangeLog.

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