KRadio4 4.0.0-rc4

Ernst Martin Witte emw at
Sun Apr 26 15:29:10 CEST 2009

Name: KRadio4
Version: 4.0.0-rc4
Type: KDE Sound Application
Depend: KDE 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 KRadio is a comfortable  KDE4 application for
internet radio and AM/FM radio cards supported by
V4L/V4L2. It has a lot of valuable features such
as RDS decoding, pre-recording, timeshift
playback, recording (wav, mp3, ogg), PVR support,
versatile alarms, LIRC support, and much more (see

The [b]fourth release candidate[/b] of KRadio
4.0.0 is ready! It became necessary due to some
changes in LIRC plugin.

You can find detailed information in the


KRadio can be downloaded from:


Additionally, a FAQ is available which hopefully
already answers many questions. If you have new
ones, please let me know.




[b]KRadio4 now supports:[/b]

[li]KDE >= 4.2[/li][li]DBus Support
(new!)[/li][li]Internet Radio
- no worries any more about starting recording too
late[/li][li]Timeshift playing[/li][li]V4L/V4L2
radio cards (including Line-In based cards, PCM
capturing based cards and PVR
cards)[/li][li]ALSA[/li][li]MP3 and Ogg/Vorbis
recording[/li][li]LIRC[/li][li]Alarms and sleep
countdowns[/li][li]Dynamic plugin library

[b]Your help is highly appreciated![/b]

There is still a lot work to do on KRadio. It
would be an honor to welcome you as developer,
translator, or contributor in any other sense!
Here are some ideas:

enhancements (e.g. SVG icons!)[/li][li]build
system improvements[/li][li]testing and bug
reporting[/li][li]new plugins[/li][li]sponsoring
of radio cards for feature testing[/li][li]...
what ever you want to contribute![/li]

Please test and give feedback about bugs but also

Have fun with the new KRadio!

 2009-04-26 (4.0.0-rc4)

- preset: Added preset file for Croatia/Split.
Thanks to Ivica Bozulic.
- fix: Default value for Alsa buffer size
consistent with comments/help in GUI
- Updated translations for ru and cs. Thanks to
Alexey Kouznetsov and Pavel Fric
- fix: tabulator order in config tabs
- fix: better lirc synchronization mechanism +
consistency checks
- fix: default playback channel for internet radio
has been line. Is now PCM
- feature: allow reading of multiple preset files
at once
- added spec file for Fedora

 2009-04-18 (4.0.0-rc3)
- fix: added missing .po files for incompletely
translated languages
- fix: updated german translation
- fix: added missing include for ogg encoder
- cleanup: some cleanup of mute stuff in v4l
- fix: added detection of wrong installtion and
missing libs
- cleanup: removed profiling output at application
- fix: workaround for problem with drivers not
reporting mute state correctly
- debug: re-enabled caps debug logging again for

2009-04-10 (4.0.0-rc2)
- fix: .pls Playlist reading is now
- fix: crash in recording plugin caused by
improper thread-locking
- fix: compilation errors in Czech translation
- fix: Noise in recording of net radio caused by
unintended repetition of sound data
- fix: added detection for old/new
libffmeg/libavformat headers (ffmpeg/avformt.h vs
- fix: added missing include of math.h
- fix: no error message any more when trying to
mute a non-playback channel caused by active
- fix: german translation reported a non existant
error in debug info
- fix: cmake 2.6.2 compat fix for libffmpeg

- Czech translation

2009-03-28 (4.0.0-rc1)
- fix: included preset files that have been queued
for a quite long time
- fix: debian build system
- fix: stddisplay: rds info update on station
- fix: localization
- fix: completed german translation
- fix: enable/disable usefull/useless gui elements
in standard display
- fix: typos in country names
- svn branches/kde4 is now svn trunk
- fix: better naming of meta data tab of stations
config page
- fix: use attachments instead of body for sending
.krp station files by email

- fix: added workaround for RDS radio text (group
2a/b) not conforming to
- feature: added RDS block/group error rate debug
- fix: std-display: smoother scrolling of RDS
radio text

- fix: crash during playlist download caused by
menu rebuild of docking menu
- fix: crash caused by missing wait for thread
- fix: cmake fix for alsa asoundlib.h in alsa

- feature: support for m3u, asx and pls files
- feature: support for mms:// protocol
- presets for some german internet radio streams

C++ / QT Entwickler (m/w) - Linux Lancers
Deutschland - full time employee
Praktikant m/w Programmierung/Marketing/IT - - trainee

more jobs:

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