Krusader 2.0.0

Shie Erlich manson at
Thu Apr 16 20:07:15 CEST 2009

Name: Krusader
Version: 2.0.0
Type: KDE Filemanager
Depend: KDE 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

  .. is an advanced twin panel (commander style)
file manager for KDE 3,
similar to Midnight or Total Commander (formerly
Windows Commander), with
many extras. It provides all the file-management
features you could possibly

Plus: extensive archive handling, mounted
filesystem support, FTP, advanced
search module, viewer/editor, directory
synchronisation, file content
comparisons, powerful batch renaming and much much

It supports the following archive formats: tar,
zip, bzip2, gzip, rar, ace,
arj and rpm and can handle other KIOSlaves such as
smb or fish. It is
(almost) completely customizable, very user
friendly, fast and looks great on
your desktop! :-)

 ADDED: [ 2466695 ] Archive dialog now remembers
Compression level

    FIXED: [ 2671702 ] wrong file size for files
with currupt encoding 
    FIXED: sync-browse fails if the name contains
    FIXED: Compile error with Qt-4.5 (patch by
Marc Schiffbauer)
    FIXED: tab change at dragging doesn't work
    FIXED: [ 2543170 ] Crashes on mouse wheel in
brief view
    FIXED: [ 2553396 ] Krusader exits after
closing KrViewer
    FIXED: [ 2563664 ] Krusader always trashes
(not deletes) files
    FIXED: tar.bz2 doesn't always detected
    FIXED: panel freezes if the inactive path is
    FIXED: problem when splitter sizes are 0, 0
    FIXED: iso protocol problems with images
bigger than 4GByte
    FIXED: Windows: iso protocol works well now
    FIXED: Windows: slow start
    FIXED: Windows: the root directory is C:\
    FIXED: MountMan saves its last size
    FIXED: [ 1535954 ] krviewer hex view endian
    FIXED: [ 1550740 ] Wrong placeholder
    FIXED: [ 1988452 ] "Open the popup panel"
button hides files from the file pane
    FIXED: [ 1965317 ] Return to panel when
pressing Escape in kcmdline/panel path
    FIXED: [ 2265338 ] Copy from rar files broken
    FIXED: [ 2484665 ] Crash when deleting
modified user action
    FIXED: MountMan: mount/umount/eject uses Solid
if possible
    FIXED: [ 2381505 ] Ctrl+Shift+D in editor
(KWrite) not work
    FIXED: Krusader fails to edit files containing
international chars with Shift+F4

  CHANGED: Changed default Alt+letter shortcuts
because of [ 2564684 ].
           See the details in SVNNEWS
  CHANGED: Initial Konfigurator size is now
     ARCH: view properties for
detailed/brief/interviews are merged into one
     I18N: Updated Italian translation (thanks
Giuseppe Bordoni)
     I18N: Updated French translation (thanks to
Henry-Nicolas Tourneur and Stanislas Zeller)
     I18N: Updated Catalan translation (thanks to
Joaquim Perez)
     I18N: Updated Slovak translation (thanks to
Zdenko Podobný and Ondrej Pačay "Yogi" )
     I18N: Updated Hungarian translation
     I18N: Updated Slovenian translation
     I18N: Updated Swedish translation (thanks
Peter Landgren)

  REMOVED: CVSNEWS, SVNNEWS is the successor
(extension to this ChangeLog)

2.0.0-beta2 "Space Odyssey"

    ADDED: shortcuts: copy by queue (SHIFT+F5),
move by queue (SHIFT+F6)
    ADDED: Krusader support for tar.lzma (KDE's
tar protocol doesn't support it yet)
    ADDED: Possibility to choose one of five
sorting methods (thanks to Jacek Jaworski)
    ADDED: compare by content for search / locate
    ADDED: New mouse selection mode
    ADDED: Evolution can be used as the default
e-mail sender (thanks to Agustin Henze)
    ADDED: enqueue operation for copy / move
    ADDED: Konfigurator mouse selection mode:
Possibility to select a predefined
           mode and change a detail. 
    ADDED: [ 1704953 ] highlight quick search
    ADDED: Useractions: added checkbox "enabled"
           and run mode option "Run in embedded
terminal emulator"
    ADDED: the description of a dir contains its
size if it is known

     ARCH: MediaButton uses Solid for medium
     ARCH: QuickSearch is moved to KrView from
Detailed/Brief views
     ARCH: Keyboard handling is moved to KrView
from Detailed/Brief views

    FIXED: version number under Windows
    FIXED: the Win shortcuts doesn't work in the
UserAction examples
    FIXED: [ 2091314 ] krviewer does not remember
its window size
    FIXED: [ 2219012 ] user action icons are not
    FIXED: [ 2116505 ] Total Commander selection
behavior broken
    FIXED: [ 2227421 ] Mount cdrom no longer needs
root permission
    FIXED: Krusader steps into wrong directory,
when a file changes in an inactive tab
    FIXED: When neither "kompare", "kdiff3" nor
"xxdiff" in PATH, the program set in
           "diff utility" was ignored. Under
Windows, look for them with ".exe" suffix
    FIXED: [ 2243628 ] Synchronizer overlooks
    FIXED: [ 2202522 ] newly created hidden files
are shown for a short time
    FIXED: calc space doesn't work on remote file
    FIXED: searcher doesn't start because of
corrupt config files
    FIXED: Konfigurator doesn't detect every
mimetype for "zip" files
    FIXED: Konfigurator keeps its original size
    FIXED: Konfigurator has scrollbars if
    FIXED: [ 2027518 ] Does not build with
           (thanks to Funda Wang)
    FIXED: [ 2041732 ] Krusader 2.0.0 beta1
missing title bar under Compiz
           (thanks to Danny Baumann for the patch)
    FIXED: [ 2023623 ] Krusader kept running after
closing the main window
    FIXED: [ 1671543 ] horizontal/vertical mode
fix in the Window menu
    FIXED: [ 1845105 ] mimetype magic can be
disabled again
    FIXED: [ 2062651 ] Ctrl+Up selects the URL in
the origin editbox
    FIXED: [ 1988893 ] konsole is started in a
wrong directory
           please set "konsole --workdir %d" for
the terminal (Konfigurator)
           as Krusader won't fix your config
    FIXED: KDE4 workaround: no colors for
    FIXED: MediaButton doesn't notice unmounted
pen drives+CD/DVD-s
    FIXED: "local network" bookmark didn't work
    FIXED: bookmark menu was not always closed
after opening a bookmark
    FIXED: [ 2017011 ] Crash when changing the Qt
    FIXED: icons for symlinks are corrupted
    FIXED: [ 2023599 ] start root mode Krusader
works again (thanks to gladiac)
    FIXED: [ 1980765 ] error at creating ../dir
    FIXED: [ 2014344 ] CTRL-C (copy) does not work
in internal editor
    FIXED: Viewing directories are disabled to
prevent KDE 4 crash
    FIXED: [Debian: 492955] useraction's
availability section was dumped to
           "command" element. (thanks Iván
Forcada Atienza)
    FIXED: Do not duplicate menu entries in
UserAction menu while still not crashing when
           configuring toolbars.

     I18N: Added Korean translation (thanks
Seongnam Jee)
     I18N: Updated Bulgarian translation (thanks
Milen Ivanov)
     I18N: Updated German translation
     I18N: Updated Dutch translation
     I18N: Updated Czech translation
     I18N: Updated Ukrainian translation (thanks
Yuri Chornoivan)
     I18N: Updated Slovenian translation (thanks
Matej Urbancic)

Praktikant m/w Programmierung/Marketing/IT - - trainee
Consultant (m/w) für Application Server - Keybird
IT GmbH - vollzeit

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