GamCat 0.30

Csaba Mészáros mohareve at
Tue Apr 14 15:35:44 CEST 2009

Name: GamCat
Version: 0.30
Type: KDE Filemanager
Depend: Gambas 2.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 This is a CD/DVD and folder catalogizer written
in Gambas. It uses sqlite3 server for the
database. All dependencies but one are invoked
during the installation of the package: you must
install the gambas2-gb-db-sqlite3 package
manually.It can browse inside the ARJ, ACE, TAR,
RAR, and ZIP archives, but then it requires
additional packages (unrar, unzip, unace, unrar)
to be installed.The Virtual Compilation feature
requires mkisofs package for .ISO creation

- Scanning removable devices, partitions and
- Scanning inside archives
- Advanced search options
- Advanced search result filtering
- Exporting the results
- Browsing the scanned archive file
- Virtual Compilation. This is an option to create
a CD/DVD from the files listed in database in form
of k3b project and .ISO file

I need translators. The pictures of texts to be
translated are downloadable.Please send me the
translations in .txt format so that I can include
them into the package.Please try to keep the
length of the English version. 

I have added translations into:

Packages are available for:
-Debian and Ubuntu
-Mandriva, RedHat and Suse

 This is a bugfix release. 
The media detection has been rewritten. It reads
from /etc/fstab.
Fixed a bug with filelist export as text.
Oops, I missed some things! Fixed in 0.0.29.
The 0.0.30 version is bringing new features and
have fixed some bugs of previous versions. It's
compiled on Debian. I don't know how does it work
on other platforms. I need feedbacks!
WARNING: The new feature is not secured againts
the wrong DVD volume insertion. Please do exactly
what is written!

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