KRadioRipper 0.5

Tim Fechtner urwald at
Mon Apr 13 13:12:40 CEST 2009

Name: KRadioRipper
Version: 0.5
Type: KDE Sound Application
Depend: KDE 4.x
License: Other
More Info:

 KRadioRipper is a KDE 4 program for ripping
internet radios. It is based on StreamRipper.

It is stable and usable (but not

There are binaries avaible. See

 - Packagers, please take notice of the file
- Dual licensing: Additionally to GPL 2, now
optionally also GPL 3
  and GPL versions that are approved by KDE e.V.,
can be used.
  (I don't trust in FSF, so I do not use a simple
"any later"!)
- Feature: Session management support.
- Feature: czech translation. Thanks to Pavel
- Feature: brazilian portuguese translation.
Thanks to Márcio P. Moraes.
- Feature: german translation.
- Feature: more consistent user visible strings
- Feature: When closing, KRadioRipper waits until
all files are saved.
- Feature: When adding a new radio station,
KRadioRipper respects
  now when the user clicks on "cancel".
- Feature: Testing if download directory is
writable before starting to rip.
- Feature: Installing kcfg files to make the
config files of KRadioRipper
  avaible to KDE (for example for use in
- Bug fix: vertical header is not visible
- Bug fix: displaying "0.0000098 MB". Expected:
"0.00 MB".
- Bug fix: displaying "status error -". Expected:
"status - error"
- Audio playback support removed. It did never
work stable and had a bad UI.
  Will need some work to return in a future
- Packaging: Packages for Mandriva available.
- Packaging: Compile by default without debug
informations (but when using the
  scripts for internal build: by default with
debug informations enabled).

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