Drake Justice hallowname at
Fri Apr 10 18:17:23 CEST 2009

Name: OpenBrain
Type: KDE Other Utility
Depend: KDE 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 OpenBrain is attempting a new interface for the
KDE4 desktop (an Artificial Intelligence
plasmoid), with which, users can type english
instruction sets to an aiml bot to accomplish
common computing tasks (such as emailing,
googleing, browsing wikipedia, or just chatting).
This project is still under early development, and
this release is only to verify a platform on which
to develop AIML code (see the A.L.I.C.E Projects
and AIML Wiki page for more info).

This new version of OpenBrain supports application
management with commands like 'firefox', 'launch
gimp', 'start konsole', or 'killall python'.
OpenBrain also can google things with 'google
things' or 'google image things'.

Feel free to send patches or email to hallowname -
at - prefix'd with "OPENBRAIN: ". Any
feedback at all is very welcome.

openbrain's source repo is at

I wont officially package OpenBrain until I feel
like its good enough for public use, until then,
these people have already packaged it for you ;)

NOTE: These packages -are- and will stay out of
date. The source is the only up to date packaging.

openSuse packages: - thx remur_bin -

jaunty packages: - thx Sam Rogers -

HACKERS NOTE: libopenbrain needs xerces, boost,
and db43 headers, and must be installed -before-
openbrain is compiled.

 -- Current (
   + proper panel behavior
   + new braindata
   - reversion from db based model to qthread =[
   + bug fixes
   + standards compliancy work
-- (
   + QThread'd AIMLParser
   + QProcess'd execution
   + GUI change
   + new braindata
   + parser tweaks

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