TorK 0.30

Robert Hogan robert at
Sat Oct 25 22:28:45 CEST 2008

Name: TorK
Version: 0.30
Type: KDE Networking Tool
Depend: KDE 3.5.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 TorK is an Anonymity Manager for KDE.

For information about Tor:

TorK allows you to configure, run and update Tor.
It also allows you to view the Tor network and
choose how you would like to interact with the

TorK contains a number of unique/useful features:

* A graph of your tor and non-tor traffic.
* A quickstart page for launching torified
* A hidden services wizard that allows you to
create and publish hidden 
* A drag-and-drop view of the Tor network. Create,
modify and close circuits. 
Attach and detach streams manually from circuits.
Click on servers to view 
their full details.
* Exit node blocking/preferring by country and
server name.
* Tor and Non-Tor traffic logs - showing you the
traffic that is going through 
Tor and the traffic that is not. The Tor traffic
log maintains a record of 
the circuit you used for each connection. Both
logs are maintained in memory 
only and can be flushed by the user at any time.
* A turn-on-and-off-able mini-view that shows you
the traffic currently going 
through Tor - including destination, status, and
exit node's name and 
* Passive pop-ups alerting you to important Tor
events, such as changes to  
your server status, DNS leaks, errors reported by
* Quick configuration - six default configurations
available for getting Tor 
running the simple and easy way.
* Full access to all Tor configuration options.

 2008-10-21 Robert Hogan 
  TorK 0.30
    Bug Fixes/Feature Fixes
      o If firstrun wizard cancelled, then cancel
out of TorK and re-run it
        next time Tor is run.
      o Detect netfilter properly on more recent
linux kernels.
      o German Translation updated by "Hans-J.
      o Remove 'Change Identity' from main
toolbar. It's available in the OSD
        and the systray menu instead.
      o Always de-configure server if 'Client'
option selected.
      o Wait twenty seconds before assuming there
is a problem
        connecting to Tor.
      o Improve the handling of tor installations
in the first run wizard
      o Make stream-handling much more efficient
for heavy loads
      o Fix
    Minor Features
      o Add warning when tork is configured to
expect privoxy to be running at
        startup but there is no sign of it
      o Add feature to let Tor shut down
      o Ensure server settings are set correctly
when launching Tor from
        Tork (as opposed to just connecting).
      o Add option to toggle between display of IP
address and server name
        in server list.
      o Only display konqueror in application list
if it exists.
    Known Bug Not Fixed Yet:
      o If router discovered and connecting to
remote/local tor, server
        settings may be applied even if user
requests not to.

2008-06-09 Robert Hogan 
  TorK 0.29.1
    Bug Fixes/Feature Fixes
     o Forgotten cstdlib include from Patrick
	 o Fix crash when attempting to update Tork.
	 o Update tork from
     o getpeername() patch from weasel for
     o Controlport was getting protected with a
random password
       when TorK was connecting to Tor, but not
when launched by TorK.

2008-06-09 Robert Hogan 
  TorK 0.29
    Bug Fixes/Feature Fixes
     o Speed up pop-up windows
     o Block plaintext ports (23,110,109) and warn
user. User can elect
       to allow the plaintext port for the rest of
the session.
     o Quick Bandwidth Configuration in System
Tray a la KTorrent.
     o Fix first-run wizard to allow proper
configuration of system-managed
       privoxy. This should save users the bother
of manually configuring
       a packaged, auto-starting privoxy
installation to work with Tor.
     o If TorK attempts to launch Tor but finds an
instance already running,
       only display the helpful pop-up message
(asking if you want to just
       connect to the already running instance)
and not the subsequent,
       confusing one (reporting the failure to
bind to localhost:9050 as
       some sort of a bug).

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