NoteFinder 0.2

Sergey Simonenko gforgx at
Wed Oct 22 12:45:11 CEST 2008

Name: NoteFinder
Version: 0.2
Type: KDE Groupware/PIM
Depend: PyKDE/PyQt
License: BSD
More Info:

 NoteFinder is an application for managing any
text information: notes, quotes, conversations,
drafts, articles, contacts, etc.

[b]Key features:[/b]

* Creating, viewing, editing, renaming, deleting
* Rich text formatting: Wiki Creole
( and HTML
* Inline calculations (e.g., use ~7+8~ to get 15.
You can use functions and constants from Python's
[b]math[/b] module, for example, [i]sqrt[/i],
[i]sin[/i]; [i]pi[/i]
* Organizing entries chronologically (creation
dates) and semantically (tags)
* Advanced search (with date:, tag:, title:,
year:, month:, day: parameters)
* Saving searches
* Multiple notebooks
* [b]Multi-backend[/b]: you can store notebook
locally, in DokuWiki, on iPod or in Zim's
database, Wixi's export files, etc...
* Ability to move/copy entries from one notebook
to another
* Synchronizing via e-mail
* Wiki: it's possible to link entries together
* CamelCase links support
* Tabbed interface
* Extensible with plugins

Run [b]python install --root=/[/b]

[b]For package mantainers[/b]
Use [b]python install

 0.1.0: Full code rewrite
0.1.1: Bugfix release
0.1.2: Building entry lists, backlinks support
0.1.3: Zim backend bugfixes (#1, #2); CamelCase
links support, minor usability improvements
0.1.4: Wixi backend, version label in About dialog
(bug #4), Preferences dialog, numberous new
features and improvements
0.1.5: Russian l10n
0.1.6: iCalendar backend.
0.1.7: Preferences dialog, backend icons.
0.1.8: New RSS ReadOnly backend (NoteFinder seems
to become Emacs :-D), l10n fixes, ability to
select markup engine (HTML or Wiki), backend icons
in “Add new notebook” dialog, case-sensitive
notebook names.
0.2: UI code cleanup

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