Kdenlive Builder Wizard 0.6.1

Mads Dydensborg mads at dydensborg.dk
Fri Oct 17 22:09:27 CEST 2008

Name: Kdenlive Builder Wizard
Version: 0.6.1
Type: KDE Kommander Script
Depend: Kommander
License: GPL
More Info:

 Release notes for version 0.6.1:

This is a minor maintainance release, that fixes
some minor issues.

Release notes for version 0.6.0:

This release fixes an issue with supporting
multiple installs of Kdenlive: that the location
of the MLT install in the Kdenlive settings was
not updated by the wizard, and required manual
updates - a fact that the wizard failed to
mention. Today (13/12 2008) support has been added
to kdenlive svn to pass the MLT path to the
binary. The wizard now supports this through the
generated kdenlive_start script, so supporting
multiple installs should now work without further
action. This also is true if you had an systemwide
installation of e.g. Kdenlive 0.5 and wanted to
build the Kdenlive version for KDE4.

This is probably also the last release that
supports building the KDE3 version of Kdenlive.
The next release will most likely no longer
support this, as the KDE3 version is no longer

Outstanding issues:

Apart from the known limitations, the wizard
currently is only known to run under the KDE3
version of Kommander. At least one distribution
(Mandriva 2009) installs the KDE4 version of
Kommander by default. The wizard does not appear
to work with this version. So, you need to use the
KDE3 version of Kommander to use this wizard. The
KDE3 version of Kommander should work under both
KDE3 and KDE4 however, so you can still build
Kdenlive for KDE4 while running and using KDE3,
but if you have only KDE4 libs on your system, you
will have to install the KDE3 version of Kommander
to use the wizard. 

About the script

This Kommander script is meant to help you get the
development (SVN) version of kdenlive (A
non-linear video editor for KDE, homepage at
[url]http://www.kdenlive.org/[/url]), and build

A lot is happening with Kdenlive, but stable
releases can be far in between - therefore the
motivation for building from the development

Building kdenlive from the development versions
can be a bit of a hassle, as it also depends on
development versions of ffmpeg, mlt and mlt++.
This wizard removes a lot of the hassle.

Simply answer a few questions, click a few
buttons, press "Go", and it will retrieve or
update your sources, configure, compile, and
install them.

If everything goes well, you will soon have a
working version of the kdenlive development
version. If it fails, you will get access to a
full log of the commands run, and can try to fix
the problem (missing libs, most likely, but
sometimes the developers also check stuff into svn
that just don't compile), before restarting the

This has been tested for KDE3 on Kubuntu 7.10,
using Kommander 1.2.2, and for KDE4 on Kubuntu
8.04 using KDE 4.1. Several people have reported
succes using it, and it has been known to work for
SUSE, Alt Linux and Mandriva.

Please send bugreports to my email (included in
the about box, make [b]sure[/b] to include the log
from the wizard). Feel free to send a success
report too :-)

Here is a list of the features. 

[li] Very easy to use Wizard interface, with
extensive help, tooltips and "What's this" used
[li] Get or update all needed sources, optionally
to specific versions[/li]
[li] Stores "last-known-good" revision numbers for
packages, updated following success[/li]
[li] Support building for KDE3 or KDE4 (from the
kdenlive KDE4 branch)[/li]
[li] Stores settings between uses[/li]
[li] Checks for presence of basic tools (svn,
cmake, c++, pkg-config and some others)[/li]
[li] Checks for the presence of many packages "up
[li] Uses the http versions of the sourceforge
repos, to avoid certificate "problems".[/li]
[li] Adjust the make -j parameter after the number
of cores[/li]
[li] Explicit option for root install[/li]
[li] Allow for automatic install into "dated"
[li] Allow for creating a "startup" script for the
custom installed kdenlive, that supports gdb
logging and version information[/li]
[li] Easy to follow feedback during
get/configure/install, through progressbar and
[li] Full log of all actions, inclusive settings
available directly from the wizard (for e.g. bug
[li] Hands free during operations: collects
options initially (and, if needed, sudo password),
then either run to it completes or fails.[/li]

Known limitations:

- There is a known problem with sox on kubuntu -
check the disclaimer button
- This wizard can not handle svn through an http
proxy - check the disclaimer button
- The wizard is currently only known to work with
the KDE3 version of Kommander.

It is the intention that this wizard should work
with most Linux distributions. Here are some


A mini-howto has been added to the Ubuntu wiki at


Kubuntu users can use the instructions for Ubuntu,
or the instructions below, that get a baseline
build going on Kubuntu 8.04 with KDE4.1:

1) install Kubuntu 8.04 (you may be past this :-)
2) sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade
3) follow instructions at
http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1 to get kde 4.1
4) sudo apt-get install kommander subversion g++
cmake pkg-config kdelibs5-dev libsdl1.2-dev
 (This potentially add many packages to the
5) log out, log in using kde 4.1 OR alternatively,
use 'export PATH=$PATH:/usr/lib/kde4/bin'
6) run 'kmdr-executor
85826-kdenlive_builder_wizard.kmdr', follow the
instructions on-screen. Press "Cancel" after
succes, press "open folder", click
"kdenlive_start" and you are in bussiness.

Note, that this compiles mlt without the modules
dv, frei0r, gtk2, jackrack, qimage, resample, sox,
and vorbis. The logfile does contain instructions
on getting support for these modules, but the
above is a working baseline. Search for
MLTDISABLED in the log file for more information.
You basically just need to apt-get install some
more packages to get support from the remaining

sudo apt-get install sox-dev libjack-dev
libsamplerate0-dev libgtk2.0-dev libdv4-dev

Note, that there still may be problems with sox
support - but it may work for you. Depends, I

To enable fri0r, visit


For Mandriva, you need to urpmi the following

subversion cmake task-c-devel task-c++-devel
qt4-devel libSDL-devel kdelibs4-devel gettext
sox-devel libdv-dev jack-devel ladspa-devel


I had a success report from a Suse user, but no
list of packages to install.

NB: There has been some complaints that ark for
KDE4 has a hard time extracting the bz2 files,
when they are not 'tarred'. If you have problems,

bzip2 -d 85826-kdenlive_builder_wizard.kmdr.bz2

in a konsole after download, then run it.

The source package contains a script that can
build Kdenlive from a console, without a display.
This is handy for cronjobs or similar. Remember to
"make" it.

 - Fix some kdesudo not supporting --comment.
 - Pass --enable-libvorbis to ffmpeg configure
when theora is selected
 - Enable x11grab by default
 - Output version of KBW to kdenlive_start gdb log

 - Important bug fix re MLT install: now supports
kdenlive's --mlt-path
 - Added auto-updating of non-newest revision
numbers upon succesfull compile
 - Fixed argument passing to kdenlive_start
 - Disable "Advanced" button when only downloading
 - Do not show how to start kdenlive, if only
 - Fix "visit url for update" under KDE4
 - Support newest ffmpeg svn option set
 - Fixed aac support
 - Added support for x11grab
 - Added several package checks
 - kdenlive_start script now mandatory
 - New image from Cinephiliac
 - Added support for passing qimage dirs to mlt
 - Added bt command to gdb in kdenlive_start
before thread apply
 - use kdesu if kdesudo not available
 - no longer requires tempfile, uses mktemp
 - should work with OpenSuse 11 now
 - various minor bugfixes
 - Can now get specific versions of the sources. 
 - Added --version option to kdenlive_start. 
 - Added kdenlive_env script. 
 - Fixed x86-64 test. 
 - Disabled network support on ffmpeg. 
 - Added checkboxes for sox and qimage support in
 - Added button to check source updates. 
 - Removed dependency on kate/kwrite. 
 - Minor interface changes.
 - Support building for KDE4 from KDE4 trunk of
 - Check for new version of wizard
 - Abort long running process
 - Improved startup script - option for gdb
 - Check for common mlt problems
 - Lots of minor stuff
 First public version.

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