KBib 0.6.5

Thach Nguyen thach.nguyen at rmit.edu.au
Fri Oct 10 12:59:49 CEST 2008

Name: KBib
Version: 0.6.5
Type: KDE Scientific
Depend: KDE 3.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://users.tpg.com.au/thachly/kbib/
More Info:

 KBib is a bibliography manager for KDE. It uses
BibTex as its native file format

    *   Add/edit/remove references
    * Support copy/paste/drag-drop of references
(BibTex entries can be copied/pasted or
dragged/dropped from another Kbib window or a text
editor into KBib and vice versus)
    * Search and download references from Z39.50
servers, SRU servers, Pubmed server, IEEEXplore,
ISI Web of Knowledge, Google Scholar,
Citebase.org, ArXiv, Spires and Scitation
    * Download references from remote reference
database (opened with Konqueror, Firefox), such as
IEEEXplore, ScienceDirect (RIS format), Web of
Science (ISI format), Google Scholar (RIS and
Endnote formats) into KBib (see screenshot)
    * Create new references from plain text,
reference identifiers (DOI, ArXiv ID or Pubmed ID)
and PDF files.
    * Find/remove duplicated references
    * Generate citation key automatically
    * Check/correct duplicated citation keys
    * Lock/unlock citation keys (to prevent
unwanted change of citation keys)
    * Sort references
    * Search references(fairly simple)
    * Cite selected references into Lyx/Kile
(using Lyx pipe)
    * Support string macros
    * Import references from
Bibtex/RIS/ISI/Endnote/COPAC/MODS XML/PubMed
XML/Endnote exported Bibtex (without citation key)
    * Export to RIS/Endnote/MODS XML/HTML files
    * Save selected references into a new file
    * Support user defined reference types
    * Add/Delete/Edit reference types
    * Allow different view modes (view all/by
reference type/selected references/unselected
    * Group references by various properties.
References can be grouped by reference type and
any field (user defined). Group view can be
    * Allow flexible displayed fields
    * Generate bibliography from selected

 Version 0.6.5:
    - New remote database searchers: ArXiv, Spires
and Scitation
    - Improved Google Scholar searcher
    - Fixed problem with download reference from

Version 0.6.4:
    - New remote database searchers: Google
Scholar and Citebase.org
    - Improved remote database search dialog: new
tab to enter query string direcly, remember last
search options
    - New reference filter
    - Fixed problem with locking citation keys
    - Fixed problem with authentication when
searching Z39.50 databases which require

Version 0.6.3:
    - Fix crashing when performing searching with
white space (thanks Michael Martins for the fix)
    - Fix lost of comment field beginning with
white space after saving file
    - Fix new reference from DOI. Crossref.org
user name and password can be entered to allow
crossref.org access
    - Fix missing publisher field for book in
default reference type definition table
    - Add German translation (by Benjamin von
    - Make poppler optional. Without popper and
poppler-qt, new reference from PDF files will be

Version 0.6.2:
    Usability improvements:
    - Configuration dialog: add options to change
the order of datasource
    - Remote search dialog: double click to import
an entry, press enter to start searching
    - Reference editing dialog: ask to save data
if close dialog with modified data
    - New reference from text dialog: add option
to add selected text to multiple value fields
(e.g. authors, keywords)

    New option to cite selected references
directly to Kile (version 2.0 or later) via DCOP

    Turkish translation (by Serdar Soytetir)

Version 0.6.1:
    New features:
    - New references from identifiers: DOI
(limitation: only the last name of the first
author is available), ArXiV ID and PubMed ID
    - New references from PDF files containing DOI
or ArXiV codes
    Bug fixes:
    - Not updating groupview after adding new
entries when starting KBib with a new document
    - Not updating preview when an entry is
selected by keyboard navigation
    - Not active window after importing references
    - Mouse on waiting state when opening RIS, ISI
or Endnote files
    - Sorting in groupview
    - Some issues with converting to Latex code
when importing references
    - Crashing when opening some non-bibtex files
    - Not active year search field in IEEEXplore
    - Compilation problem with yaz >= 3.0.0

Version 0.6:
    - Added ISI Web of Knowkedge search, databases
supported: Web of Sciences and Current Content
    - Updated reference editing dialog, use
different editing widgets for different field
    - Added reference field customisation
    - Updated reference type customisation
    - Added batch set field content operation
    - Added replace string operation
    - Added copy field content operation
    - Improved reference downloading operation, a
new session only starts when no session is running
    - Added converting string macros into full
string when displaying
    - Changed Insert File command to Import File
and moved to File menu

Version 0.5.4:
    - Improved remote database search dialog.
    - Added IEEEXplore search.
    - Added global string macro table. String
macros can be saved into a global list and
imported in all new KBib sessions.
    - Fixed the problem of occasional lost of
string macros after saving file. 

Version 0.5.3:
    - Added remote database searching. Z39.50, SRU
and Pubmed databases can be searched.
    - Added dialog to create new reference from
plain text.
    - Improved ISI importer.
    - Fixed crashing when opening some non-BibTex
file directly. - Fixed some minor bugs.

Version 0.5.2:
    - Added UTF8 encoding supprt. KBib now can
open, display and save BibTex file with UTF8
encoding characters correctly.
    - Fixed missing keywords when importing
references from certain websites. 

Version 0.5.1:
    - Added preamble support.
    - Added exporting to MODS, HTML and importing
from Pubmed (XML), MODS, COPAC files
(import/export filters are now based on bibutils
    - Added auto text completion for authors,
editors, journal and keywords fields in reference
editing dialog
    - Added note editing in reference editor,
long, multiline notes, comments or reviews can be
added to references
    - Added link to local file and DOI functions
    - Added option in configuration dialog to
control how to compare two references
    - Added option to control how the authors to
be displayed in the main view
    - Added option to set the keyword seperator
    - Added menu entry to copy selected references
as formated string
    - Fixed crashing when opening files saved by

Version 0.5:
    - Added groupview
    - Added field delimiter option in
configuration dialog. Different delimiter can be
used when writing BibTex file.
    - Fixed missing year when importing ISI file
or downloading references from ISI Web of
    - Fixed problem of opening URL with space or &
    - Internal code refactoring and minor bug

Version 0.4.2:
    - Fixed problem of opening files with
undefined reference type.
    - Fixed reference editing dialog. Newly
entered data is not lost when changing reference
    - Fixed problem of crashing when create
citation key with empty author.
    - Undefined fields now read in as extra

Version 0.4.1:
    - Fixed mime type definitions so that
references from remote reference database can be
downloaded into KBib.
    - Fixed missing files and directories. 

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