LilyKDE 0.6.5

wilbert berendsen wbsoft at
Wed Oct 8 14:27:20 CEST 2008

Name: LilyKDE
Version: 0.6.5
Type: KDE Sound Application
Depend: KDE 3.5.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 [b]LilyKDE[/b] is a Free Software project to make
working with the LilyPond music typesetter within
KDE very easy. If you are a LilyPond user and you
have KDE, then LilyKDE is for you.

The main part of LilyKDE is a plugin for Kate,
with the following features:

[li]Run LilyPond on the current document with a
keystroke.[/li][li]Show an embedded PDF preview.
When you click on a note or another object, Kate
jumps to the correct document and cursor
position.[/li][li]A powerful Score Wizard to
quickly set up a LilyPond
document.[/li][li]Display LilyPond's messages in a
log view. Error messages are also
clickable.[/li][li]Direct MIDI input from a
MIDI-keyboard or even your computer keyboard. This
powerful function uses Rumor for the actual work,
but it can automatically set the key and time
signature according to the current document. You
can adjust the metronome speed very easy by
clicking on a "Tap" button. Many other settings
are available.[/li][li]After LilyPond has run you
can open, email or print PDF documents and play
MIDI files with a mouseclick from within
Kate.[/li][li]Automatic hyphenation of Lyric texts
using dictionaries from e.g. or

The other parts of LilyKDE are:

[li]MIME type information and an icon for LilyPond
files[/li][li]A textedit:// service to make the
clickable links work anywhere in KDE[/li][li]A
Konqueror servicemenu and helper app to run
LilyPond from within Konqueror on selected
files[/li][li]Katepart syntax highlighting for
LilyPond documents (also part of KDE)[/li] 

LilyKDE is translated into Dutch, French, Turkish,
Spanish, Russian, Italian and German.

 Changes in 0.6.5 (since 0.6.4):
- Improve adding articulation etc. to selection. 
Now also recognizes chords and skips commands like
\ff which were previously recognized as pitches.
- New Rhythm tab in Quick Insert panel with some
powerful functions manipulating the rhythm of the
selected music.
- Handling of non-ascii characters in filenames
has been fixed.

Changes in 0.6.4 (since 0.6.3):
- New Quick Insert Panel, with already one
convenient tool to insert articulations and
ornaments, one by one or to a group of notes at

Changes in 0.6.3 (since 0.6.2):
- ScoreWizard: Choir: use \center-column if
LilyPond >= 2.11.57
- config option to always empty log when a
LilyPond job is started
- All vocal part types have now a checkbox Ambitus
that adds the Ambitus_engraver to the correct
staff or voice, showing the pitch range of that
vocal part
- Example x-lilypond.conf file for Expand plugin

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