Qtractor 0.2.2

Rui Capela rncbc at rncbc.org
Sun Oct 5 19:59:26 CEST 2008

Name: Qtractor
Version: 0.2.2
Type: KDE Sound Application
Depend: Qt 4.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://qtractor.sourceforge.net
More Info:

 Qtractor is an audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer
application written in C++ with the Qt4 framework.
Target platform is Linux, where the Jack Audio
Connection Kit (JACK) for audio and the Advanced
Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) for MIDI are the
main infrastructures to evolve as a
fairly-featured Linux desktop audio workstation
GUI, specially dedicated to the personal

 0.2.2  2008-10-05  The Flirty Ditz

- Slight optimization in audio and MIDI meters
refresh rate.
- Another ancient bug has been squashed: MIDI
events were being recorded even though recording
wasn't rolling; spurious event times were being
recorded due to an absent started queue.
- Major fix applied to audio track monitor
metering, and most importantly to plugin
processing, correcting tentatively all audio
buffer offsetting and slicing due on loop
- Fixed a potential crash and/or simple record
dismissal when changing properties of a track
already armed for recording; prevent record
engaged tracks from editing or removal.
- Lighten up the connections line and highlight
colors, as seen to fit best on some darker
background themes.
- Several icons refined with slight transparent
- Send/reset all MIDI buses and track controllers
(ie. volume and panning) only when main transport
playback is started, avoiding the pouring on eg.
loop, playhead or tempo changes.
- Pressing the Escape key also clears current
selection in the main track-view and MIDI clip
editor; resizing multiple events at once doesn't
need help from Shift or Ctrl modifiers anymore.
- DSSI and VSTi plugins get all their default
parameters values reset on MIDI program change.
- Several major fixes have been applied to the
MIDI clip editor, regarding snap precision and
correctness, most specially due on clips which
weren't located on exact bar boundaries.
- Brand new usability feature introduced: mute,
solo and monitor toggling may now be applied to
all tracks in session at once, when issued with
either the Shift or Ctrl keyboard modifiers, which
will set or reverse respectively all other tracks
- Audio buses plugin chain may be also accessed
and edited from the extended bus management dialog
- MIDI meter level default color is now set
distinct from the old lime-green one as in audio
level meters.
- MIDI clip editor is now a genuine top-level
window, fixing all keyboard shortcut ambiguities
with main application window.
- Mixer splitter panes are now collapsible and
optionally hidden.
- Make MIDI instrument patch management a little
more sane, as for preventing the accidental
insertion of blank instrument names and automatic
default bank/program selection in track
- All connections are now based exclusively on the
textual client and port names, effective in
particular to match MIDI bus ports with disregard
to their volatile numerical identification.
- MIDI file (SMF) header endianess fix (PPC users
- Record armed tracks aren't muted for playback
anymore, as this was a severe crippling nuisance
regarding input monitoring and all mighty user
experience after recording a simple take; for
instance, as the bottom line goes, there's no need
to un-arm a track from its record-enabled state
anymore, for just recorded material get heard on
immediate playback; kick on the jam!
- Playhead position overflow fixed on negative MMC
STEP commands.
- Thumb-view width proportions now based on
minimal slack session length instead of the
auto-extending track-view contents width.
- Optimize audio clip drawing, most specially on
zoomed-out levels.
- Bring the audio peak frames into some sort of
cache, preventing recurrent peak frame buffer
reallocation and trashing.

0.2.1  2008-08-30  The Fainty Diva

- Gradient eye-candy now featured for clips,
tracks and mixer strips widget backgrounds,
disabled on configure time (--disable-gradient).
- MIDI pitch-bend/wheel events are now
captured/recorded properly; in fact, there was
this ancient bug, now squashed, as all MIDI clips
weren't being stored at all if there weren't a
single note event captured.
- MIDI channel translation is finally in effect on
monitored tracks, specially the ones set in
omni-channel input mode.
- MIDI open files dialog gets a few more file
filter types now.
- Playhead position is now shown, updated and can
be also set on the main toolbar session thumb-view
(shift-click to set the playhead).
- The floating selection, as shown for a clipboard
pasting operation, has been corrected regarding
time scale (horizontal zoom) changes, while in the
main track-view. Also fixed final position
snapping precision (spotted in bug #2055846).
- Current tempo and snap-per-beat setting now
survive session cycling.
- DSSI plugins implementing run_multiple_synths
(eg. fluidsynth-dssi) are now formally supported
according to the DSSI spec (hopefully); note that
previously one could only have one DSSI plugin
instance loaded in session in any given time,
otherwise a sudden crash was in sure demand when
either plugin got activated (fixes bug #2048198).
- Audio plugin outputs now overrides each other
when the number of output ports does not match the
number of mix-down audio channels and thus fixing
a nasty crash bug in the process.
- All custom font sizes are now set relative to
default global font.
- Changing loop points by dragging on the time
rulers is now mapped as undoable/redoable commands
as it ought to be ever since.
- Drop-span option (View/Options.../Drop multiple
audio files into the same track) now takes into
effect the current session snap-per-beat setting
when concatenating multiple audio clips.
- All plugins get their default bank/program
selected on insertion.
- Make record armed tracks muted for playback, a
needed regression to let both audio and MIDI
tracks behave consistently regarding input monitor
switching through output.
- Fixed a pretty old and shameless bug regarding
MIDI clip recording, in which cases the queue
start time offset was not taken into account, with
captured events being recorded with erratic long
- Almost complete refactoring of the clumsy audio
peak file classes, possibly making it even
clumsier but straight neverthless, with the noble
and final aim to build it in-flight and draw the
waveforms while recording is rolling.
- Recording clips get their initial name labels
drawn while fade-in/out handles are dropped as
found pretty useless while recording.
- Escape key now closes connections and mixer
widgets as found usual.

0.2.0  2008-07-18  The Frolic Demoiselle
0.1.3  2008-05-02  The Frugal Damsel
0.1.2  2008-03-23  The Frantic Dame
0.1.1  2008-02-16  The Futile Duchess
0.1.0  2008-01-05  The Frivolous Debutante

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