K Menu Gnome (Slackware package) 0.8

Arisztid Taszilo ariszlo at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 18:54:59 CEST 2008

Name: K Menu Gnome (Slackware package)
Version: 0.8
Type: KDE Improvement
License: Other
Homepage: http://ariszlo.tripod.com/
More Info:

 K Menu with Gnome folder and extra icons for KDE
3.2 or later.

If you install both KDE and Gnome then K Menu will
become a mess with overpopulated submenus. Some
distributions try to solve this by hiding many
Gnome apps in KDE and most KDE apps in Gnome. I do
not like that. I want to access Gnome apps in KDE
and KDE apps in Gnome. So this is my attempt to
both maintain desktop interoperability and unmess
the menus.

Why should one install both KDE and Gnome at all?
You might be sharing your machine with somebody
who prefers the other desktop, or you might be a
desktop junky like I am.

Menu Structure

KDE apps are left where they are.  GNOME apps are
moved into Gnome.  Applications that require
neither KDE, nor GNOME are moved into


1. Save as kmenu-gnome-0.8-noarch-1.tgz
2. installpkg kmenu-gnome-0.8-noarch-1.tgz
3. Restart X and run kappfinder to update the K

 Release 0.8

* Moved akonadiconsole.desktop into Development
* Excluded KInfoCenter modules from Lost & Found
* Added support for StarOffice 9
* Dropped support for Go-oo with version numbered
.desktop files
* Partial workaround for Kubuntu Bug #275740
* Moved filesystem icons into hicolor
* Added 64x64 sized gnome-help.png &
config-users.png for KDE4
* Replaced and moved system-search.png to avoid
conflict with kdeartwork-4.0.5 or later
* Added `rm -rf /var/tmp/kdecache-*/kpc` to
Slackware's doinst.sh and Debian's postinst &
postrm to force KDE4 to regenerate the icon caches

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