KMLDonkey 0.11 for KDE3 released

Sebastian Sauer mail at
Tue Jun 24 19:48:45 CEST 2008

Around 3 years after the last stable KDE3 release of KMLDonkey finally Carsten 
Lohrke from gentoo was kind enough to kick me to make a brand new release of 
KMLDonkey for KDE3 containing tons of fixes and features collected over the 
last years. Also I've to thank Petter Stokke and Eike Hein for providing me a 
helping hand to get the job done :)

So, here we go with the tarball;

Changelog (well, not completed but at least some of the highlights);
* Margin around the filter.
* Added a filter for the download-list.
* Save and restore column widths of all the listviews.
* Allow opening/previewing completed files via the context-menu.
* Prevent duplicate results by filtering out dupe md4 hashes.
* Implement wish #65250: Stable sorting

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