KTrafficAnalyzer 0.4.0-1

Wolfgang Koller viras at suselinuxsupport.de
Sat Jun 21 14:50:09 CEST 2008

Name: KTrafficAnalyzer
Version: 0.4.0-1
Type: KDE Networking Tool
Depend: KDE 3.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 KTrafficAnalyzer is meant to provide visual
feedback of your current network traffic, similar
to tools like DU-Meter. In addition it provides
statistics with total down- and upload sums.
Starting with version 0.3.7 KTA supports reading
the stats remotely using an SSH-connection. For
instructions on how to use that feature checkout
the SSHUsage file delivered with KTA.

Of course feedback is more than welcome. There is
still more than enough room for improvements. Also
checkout the TODO file what I'm already planning -
maybe you have ideas what I can add or what might
be useful too!

For instructions on how to compile / install it
please read the INSTALL file included in the

There are also various RPMs available - just check
the download links. Thanks to all the

[b]21.06.2008: Starting with Version 0.4.0 I added
KTA to the openSuSE build service. RPMs for
various openSuSE based distributions are available
there. Checkout the download links for details!

I'm still looking for people who would like to
build RPMs for different distributions![/b]

 v0.4.0 (20.06.2008):
- Added an option to the Systray-Context Menu for
reloading the interfaces
- The /sys/class/net/ Interface should now
correctly work
- The currently selected interface should now get
correctly selected again when re-starting KTA
- The interface settings dialog now has an option
to automatically update the list of available
interfaces (updated list will be read every
- There is now a completely new settings page
which allows you to specify traffic limits for as
well the daily as the monthly stats. In addition
you can specify a command which should be run once
the limits are reached.

v0.3.9 (06.03.2008):
- Fixed an error in the Makefile to really
automatically compile on Ubuntu systems
- A menu entry is now created for KTrafficAnalyzer
(in System->Network)
- The Systray-Popup menu now has proper icons
- Interfaces now can be quick-changed from the
systray context menu
- Quick-Change menu now gets correctly updated if
an interface goes down

v0.3.8 (24.06.2007):
- Re-Designed some more settings dialogs to look
better and make more space for fonts.
- Added Double-buffering
- Changed the interface-icon in the settings
dialog to use the "hwinfo" icon
- Adjusted the Makefile to automatically build on
Ubuntu systems

v0.3.7 (14.04.2007):
- Increased size of settings-labels, etc. to fix
certain font issues
- Fixed Makefile to ignore any existing symbolic
link when doing install
- Now the selection of the Traffic-Interface
really works
- Implemented a generic TrafficInterface-Handler
that spawns the correct class etc.
- Corrected the regular Expression for
Interface-Reading a bit
- Reading interfaces from /sys/class/net/ doesn't
bring up "." and ".." anymore
- If the interface-type is changed, now KTA safely
switches to using it
- Added experimential support for SSH-Remote
Traffic reading (see SSHUsage File for details)
- Added an option to write the stats each time
they are updated (this is by default turned on)
- The time between traffic-refreshs can now be set
(very useful in conjunction with SSH-reading, if
e.g. the connection is bad).
- There is now an option to Debug the
SSH-Connection (all incoming / outgoing
communication is printed to the console).
- When closing the main-window KTA now just closes
to sys-tray instead of exiting
- Re-Designed most settings pages to make them
look more organized

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