LinuXnet 0.1.1

Dorin Vatavu dorin.vatavu at
Sun Jun 15 14:22:31 CEST 2008

Name: LinuXnet
Version: 0.1.1
Type: KDE Kommander Script
Depend: Kommander
License: GPL
More Info:

 This scripts are destinate to administrate an
InternetCaffe Linux based.
I use it for two years and I try to improve their
performances and capabilities.
This is my first and only one script which I've
made ever!
Kommander was the only tool which suffer me to
perform such a think.
I use to all the stations an debian based
distribution (SIDUX) with KDM and KDE.
GPL2 license
	-Kommander team
	-Sascha Marx for KSetupMaker 
	1. For admin-station: kommander, ssh, netpipes,
	2. For client-stations: ssh, netpipes, tk8.4,
(For more informations please read README)
Feel free to use, modify, improve, and feedback
your opinions. 

 version 0.1.1
-improve use of current activities:
	-replace operations button by automation action
between "initiation" and "addition";
	-add an group buttons for special operations
(decrease and reset time) with an check box for
activate it;
	-two buttons  to select time for an wide range (7
to 20) and an error message for "0 time";
-some improvement in internal function
-all messages in english and romanian are placed
in Form1 dialog to be ease to modify

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