TorK 0.29

Robert Hogan robert at
Sat Jun 14 11:11:00 CEST 2008

Name: TorK
Version: 0.29
Type: KDE Networking Tool
Depend: KDE 3.5.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 TorK is an Anonymity Manager for KDE.

For information about Tor:

TorK allows you to configure, run and update Tor.
It also allows you to view the Tor network and
choose how you would like to interact with the

TorK contains a number of unique/useful features:

* A graph of your tor and non-tor traffic.
* A quickstart page for launching torified
* A hidden services wizard that allows you to
create and publish hidden 
* A drag-and-drop view of the Tor network. Create,
modify and close circuits. 
Attach and detach streams manually from circuits.
Click on servers to view 
their full details.
* Exit node blocking/preferring by country and
server name.
* Tor and Non-Tor traffic logs - showing you the
traffic that is going through 
Tor and the traffic that is not. The Tor traffic
log maintains a record of 
the circuit you used for each connection. Both
logs are maintained in memory 
only and can be flushed by the user at any time.
* A turn-on-and-off-able mini-view that shows you
the traffic currently going 
through Tor - including destination, status, and
exit node's name and 
* Passive pop-ups alerting you to important Tor
events, such as changes to  
your server status, DNS leaks, errors reported by
* Quick configuration - six default configurations
available for getting Tor 
running the simple and easy way.
* Full access to all Tor configuration options.

 2008-06-09 Robert Hogan 
  TorK 0.29
    Bug Fixes/Feature Fixes
     o Speed up pop-up windows
     o Block plaintext ports (23,110,109) and warn
user. User can elect
       to allow the plaintext port for the rest of
the session.
     o Quick Bandwidth Configuration in System
Tray a la KTorrent.
     o Fix first-run wizard to allow proper
configuration of system-managed
       privoxy. This should save users the bother
of manually configuring
       a packaged, auto-starting privoxy
installation to work with Tor.
     o If TorK attempts to launch Tor but finds an
instance already running,
       only display the helpful pop-up message
(asking if you want to just
       connect to the already running instance)
and not the subsequent,
       confusing one (reporting the failure to
bind to localhost:9050 as
       some sort of a bug).

2008-04-09 Robert Hogan
  TorK 0.28
    Bug Fixes/Feature Fixes
     o Always apply settings when OK or Apply
clicked on configuration
       dialog. Some of the more exotic settings
were not getting applied
       in some situations.
     o The non-anonymous settings (e.g.
cookies,javascript) were not getting
       restored properly in some cases. This was
due to an eccentricity in
     o Be a little more aggressive with UPnP.
Silently re-apply port
       forwarding to the UPnP router when (i) Tor
tells us it has failed
       reachability tests, (ii) whenever the user
presses play.
     o Always enable torbutton when launching
     o Always show a padlock on SSL connections in
the stream display.
    Minor Technical Stuff
     o Add some missing includes for Debian
packaging. (Thanks to Patrick
     o Change the build script so that we have an
SSL_LIBS parameter to use
       with shallot when it's integrated.
     o Some extra configure checks for OpenBSD.
(Thanks to kuburosso).

2008-02-28 Robert Hogan 
  TorK 0.27
  o UPnP Support Added. Almost all code taken from
Joris Guisson's UPnP 
    implementation in KTorrent. UPnP will only
forward ports 80 and 443 
    - this is because anything else misses the
point. Users who want to 
    get fancy with port forwarding can configure
their router themselves. 
    UPnP is on by default but can be disabled at
server set-up time or 
    through the config.
  o New compile-time configure option:
--enable-gnutls. Default remains 
    OpenSSL. This resolves the licence clash
between openSSL and third-party 
    GPL2 code in TorK. Thanks to Patrick Matthai
for reporting.
  o Removed use of libwhich.
  o Usability Improvements. Reduced the initial
complexity of the interface 
    o Remove 'connect'/disconnect from toolbar
    o Simple Mode:
      - Add 'More Options' button that will
        - 'Citizen' button
        - 'Fail-Safe' button and 'Fail Safe'
        - 'Server' Button
        - 'Usability' config section
        - So in simple mode only 'Change ID' and
'un-censor' remain
    o 'My Tor Server', 'My Server BW', and
'Configure Server'remain hidden 
       unless a server is actually running.
    o 'My Hidden Services' remains hidden unless
user elects to create a 
       hidden service from main listing.
    o 'My Network View' remains hidden until user
right-clicks on server 
      list to select servers.
    o Thanks to anonym (maintainer of Incognito
CD) for his help in defining 
      the above.
  o Add Server Set-Up Wizard. Used first time you
set up a server.
  o Use an overlay rather than separate icons for
the system tray 
    representation of server status.
  o New Czech translation from Marek Stopka.
  o Correct torksocks.conf manpage. Patch from
Patrick Matthai.
  o Make sure libtorksocks is linked against
libdl. Thanks to Patrick Matthai
    for reporting.
  o Make the traffic monitor a little less of an

2007-12-21 Robert Hogan 
    TorK 0.26
    Minor Features
     o Display a help bubble in the connections
pane until the user has
       discovered the clickability of the network
     o French translation from Daniel Berthereau .
	 o Fix geoip when --with-external-geoip used in
configure. The option will now
       ensure that an external geoip installation
(including db) is used. TorK will
       issue a warning if the external or local db
cannot be found/read.
       (Reported by Marek Stopka and Patrick
    Bug Fixes/Feature Fixes
     o Disabled 0.2.x-only TorK features when
running a 0.1.x version of Tor.
     o Internationalized all pop-up messages. They
should now be translate-able.
     o Random password is now the default
authentication mechanism. Cookies
       were causing too much trouble on certain
installations. In the event
       of the user getting locked-out by a random
password (e.g. crash), TorK will offer
       to reset Tor and try reconnecting.
     o Update GPL Licence with correct address.
(Reported by Patrick Matthai.)
     o Fix interface bugs when selecting
countries/servers for include/exclude.
     o When displaying exit in connections pane,
find the exit to display using server digest
       rather than nickname. 
	 o Modify license for OpenSSL. (Reported by
Patrick Matthai.)
	 o Cleanup tsocks dir properly during make clean.
(Reported by Patrick Matthai.)
     o For 'My Bandwidth' allow TorK to always set
values, even when greyed out. Selecting 'default'
       resets values to default.
     o For 'Performance' in 'My Tor Server' do the
     o For 'Normal Settings' in 'My Tor Client' do
the same.
     o For 'My Tor Server' do not store 'old'
values if greyed out, but always apply values.
This will 
       work because 'never run as server' is tied
to ClientOnly - which prevents Tor from
       functioning as a server.
     o Patch to 'About' dialog from Jonathan
Patrick Davies.

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