first4 1.4-beta3 (1.3.95)

Orlando Procopio oprocopio at
Wed Jun 11 16:32:39 CEST 2008

Name: first4
Version: 1.4-beta3 (1.3.95)
Type: KDE Business Software
Depend: Qt 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:


- Address management, unlimited Directories can be
- Stock management
- Order management and Inventory
- Documents can be created (Offers, Order
confirmations, Delivery notes and Invoices)
- a simple financial module
- Message module
- multi user

- require MySQL Database
- require LaTeX to create documents

For Templates, Language-Files, SQL-Initfile or
additional informations please visit

Please report Bugs on:

 You can download the latest snapshot with SVN:

svn checkout svn://

- or -

svn checkout

first4 beta3 (1.3.95)

- CSV import and export of adresses
- vCard import and export of adresses
- CSV import and export of datatables and stocks
- MT940 import for bancaccounts
- Serverconnections can now be directly edited in
the login window
- German translation updated
- Fixed some bugs

first4 beta2 (1.3.94)

- Open Entries will now be locked to prevent multi
- Un-Lock possibility for the Administrator
- New DB-Update-Module
- Lot of bugfixing ;-)

first4 beta1 (1.3.93)

- New Message module
- All templates are now stored in database
- German translation updated

first4 alpha3 (1.3.92)

- New Financemodul
*IMPORTANT* You need to update your database via
Config-Window and fdb file (included in Package)
- Account-Management
- Incomes and Expenditures management
- ESR-Import and CVS Export

first4 alpha2 (1.3.91)

- New Ordermodule
- New Database-Wizzard

- solved issue with procfrm.h


- solved issue with procfrm.h


- Document module
  Now it is possible to create Offers,
Orderconfirmations, Deliverynotes and Invoices
(You need to update the DB)
- Plugin module
ChMaster implemented a Plugininterface. Thanks.


- Inventory module
- German translation updated
- Fixed Bugs

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