LastTSF 0.1

Davide Mancusi arekfu at
Wed Jul 30 21:07:06 CEST 2008

Name: LastTSF
Version: 0.1
Type: Amarok Script
Depend: PyKDE/PyQt
License: GPL
More Info:

 [b]Short description:[/b]
LastTSF is a script to submit track metadata to when you are listening to the [i]TSF
Jazz[/i] radio station.

[b]Long description:[/b]
Have you ever listened to [i]TSF Jazz[/i]? It\'s a
great French jazz radio station. They have an
excellent selection of music, but it\'s a pity
that they don\'t broadcast the right track
metadata! All the songs you listen to will never
show up in your charts... unless you use

When you listen to [i]TSF Jazz[/i], LastTSF will
connect to their website
([url][/url]) and download
artist name and title of the song you are
listening to. When the song is over, the script
will submit the information collected to

In order to use Amarok to listen to [i]TSF
Jazz[/i], you should use this link

WARNING! The link is correct as of July 2008, but
may well change in the future! Please notify me if
the script stops working with a new link.

Download the .tar.bz2 and install it using
Amarok\'s Script Manager.

You don\'t have to do anything special! Once the
script has been started, it will automatically
detect if you are listening to [i]TSF Jazz[/i] and
react accordingly.

[b]Dependencies and prerequisites:[/b]
The script depends on PyQt, to handle
notifications from Amarok. This is probably
unnecessarily complicated, but until I realise how
this should be done I prefer to keep the

LastTSF depends also on lastfmsubmitd, a daemon
that allows users to submit tracks to
LastTSF will also need the Python interface to
lastfmsubmitd\'s spooling system, also provided by
the lastfmsubmitd package. The daemon must be
configured with your username and password
and your user account must be allowed to submit
tracks through lastfmsubmitd (on Debian, only
users belonging to a certain group are allowed to
submit; see the lastfmsubmitd documentation).

lastfmsubmitd is available in Debian, Ubuntu and
Kubuntu as a package; I\'m not sure about other
distros, but you can always download the source
from here

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