MPlayerThumbs 1.1

Marco Gulino marco at
Fri Jul 18 00:03:46 CEST 2008

Name: MPlayerThumbs
Version: 1.1
Type: KDE Video Application
License: GPL
More Info:

 MPlayerThumbs is a video thumbnail generator for
KDE file managers (Konqueror, Dolphin, ...) , now
available also for KDE 4.
It needs mplayer (of course) to generate
thumbnails, and it contains no linking to any
library, so in a x86_64 system you can freely use
the 32bit mplayer binary with win32codecs by
configuring the application launching the
mplayerthumbsconfig helper application.
It catches a random frame from 15% to 70%,
checking also how contrasted is the image, and
dropping bad frames.

 2008-07-18 MPlayerThumbs 1.1
    * Re-adding strips, and making them
dynamically configurable
    * Adding option to clear cache in
    * Optimizing the code to use an unique
directory to store thumbs, to avoid
    confusing thumbs for different files

2008-06-20 MPlayerThumbs 1.0
        * First stable release
        * Porting to KDE 4
        * Refactoring code, for more stability and
        * Also KDE 4 adds for us a free feature,
random thumbnail generation on
        the preview on the information toolbar on
each mouseover ;)

2006-07-10 MPlayerThumbs 0.5b
        * Fixed thumbnail generation when files
have not an extension.
2006-07-01 MPlayerThumbs 0.5
        * Adding -ao null option instead of
        * Adding custom arguments configuration to
        * Cleaning code, removing check for
local/remote files, and threating
        all them as local, since kio already
provides us a good support for
        remote files.
        * Option to add "blacklisted" extensions
with mplayerthumbsconfig

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