ufrb-kde 0.2.2

Mike Bing mbingREMOVE at THISplanet.nl
Thu Jul 17 00:12:51 CEST 2008

Name: ufrb-kde
Version: 0.2.2
Type: KDE Service Menu
License: GPL
More Info:

 This should work on any KDE based distro with
UFRaw and ImageMagick installed. Available for
download from kde-apps.org or from the DPE
website. I seem to be too stupid to make it into a
noarch rpm so I would be greatly appreciative of
someone who can  ;)

Now as all-in-one text file: save and make
executable (and put in your path). Then cut and
copy the tailsection to a separate text file,
uncomment and save to
/usr/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus to create
the right-click options.

What it does: right-click any number of raw files
(even multiple from different cameras) and choose
your processing option from 4 formats and 3 levels
of sharpening, plus 1 high-iso mode. 

Raw files are converted by ufraw-batch and get
unsharp masking in CIE profile before being
converted to the requested file format in sRGB.

High-iso mode adds the dcraw wavelet NR into the

Note: by converting a RAW file through UFRaw and
saving the associated ID file as "standard.ufraw"
in /usr/share/color/profiles" you can finetune the
way ufrb-kde works to your preferred way of

 Version 0.2.2
Menus rearranged
New framing option
Better file management
All-in-one text file contains both the Bash script
and the KDE servicemenu

Version 0.2.1
Bug in Exif handling solved

Version 0.2
Now makes thumbnails with selectable text, fonts
and colors
Rightclick servicemenu now includes option to
generate thumbnails only, jpegs only or both.

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