Greyhound 0.1 alpha 3

Dan Fuhry dan at
Sat Aug 16 06:13:48 CEST 2008

Name: Greyhound
Version: 0.1 alpha 3
Type: Amarok Script
Depend: KDE 3.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 [size=3][b]Web-based control just got a

Introducing Greyhound: the new remote control
interface that turns your Amarok-equipped computer
into a full-fledged media server.

    * Supports Amarok through the DCOP interface
    * Fully loaded AJAX-based interface
    * Ability to allow or disallow playback
    * Displays album artwork
    * Includes iPhone®-friendly interface
    * Written in pure PHP
    * No external web server required
    * Free and open source

Greyhound is better than existing web control
scripts because you can seek between songs, you
don't have to reload the page every two minutes,
and it's compatible with Apple's handheld devices
and other devices that support meta viewports.

[b]*** Before downloading or installing Greyhound
please read the system requirements:

 [size=2]UPDATED! Version 0.1a3[/size]

* System requirements checks are more aggressive
and cover more required components (for example I
forgot SimpleXML)
* Fixed control characters (for colored output)
being visible in amarok's dumb terminal window
* Playlist should now update in the browser within
about a minute or two of a change to amarok's real
* Home directory is no longer detected; greyhound
relies on amarok's saveCurrentPlaylist function

All changes go into Mercurial, see the changelog

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