KleanSweep 0.2.9

Spiky AtLinux webmaster at gnugpl.de.vu
Sun Aug 10 00:22:35 CEST 2008

Name: KleanSweep
Version: 0.2.9
Type: KDE System Tool
Depend: KDE 3.4.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://linux.bydg.org/~yogin
More Info:

 Info by SpikyAtLinux
* I have compiled this version for x64
architecture for OpenSuse 10.3. Have fun ;-)
* You can do it byself by typing "rpmbuild
--rebuild /pathtosrc/kleansweep-src.rpm"

Without quotes ""

KleanSweep allows you to reclaim disk space by
finding unneeded files. It can search for files
basing on several criterias; you can seek for:
* empty files
* empty directories
* backup files
* broken symbolic links
* broken executables
* dead menu entries (.desktop files pointing to
non-existing executables)
* obsolete thumbnails (thumbnails of non-existing
* duplicated files
* orphaned files (files not found in RPM or DEB

Results for each criteria are shown in separate
tab; files may appear on many tabs if they match
many criterias - in this case they are "linked",
so you have to mark (or unmark) file for deletion
only once! Before actual deletion takes place,
you're given an option to create backup archive.

Planned features:
* seeking for orphaned files in Slackware and
Gentoo (portage) database
* and more!

KleanSweep consists of KDE-based (C++) graphical
frontend and small helper Perl script that
performs actual searching. All searches, except
for orphaned files, duplicates and dead menu
entries are as fast as usual 'find' would be.

This is initial release and may contain bugs. I
take no responsibility for any damage caused by
this program.

Note: it may compile/work in KDE < 3.4.x, but was
only tested in 3.4.2.

* Removed "greedy match" button
* added Italian, German, Spanish and Portugaese

 [b]Only update my homepage download link[/b] 
If you you use smart you can add a channel which
include kleansweep. If you want this channel in
your smart channel list follow this 2 steps:

1.Create a file with the follwing content:

type = rpm-md
name = Opensuse 10.3 Packman II Repository
disabled = yes
baseurl = http://packman.iu-bremen.de/suse/10.3

saves this file (name is your part e.g

2.type the following in your console:

su < To become Superuser
then type
smart channel --add /path/toyour/newchannel.txt

type 'y' to import the channel then update your
channellist und you're done.

Enjoy kleansweep

[b]*** Only homepage url was fixed ***[/b]

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