Googlyrics2 Beta1

cc cc ultramancool at
Sat Aug 9 19:39:43 CEST 2008

Name: Googlyrics2
Version: Beta1
Type: Amarok 2.0 Script
License: GPL
More Info:

 I wrote Googlyrics when I was getting sick of the
low yield on existing lyrics scripts. A long time
ago, I discovered a windows application
(EvilLyrics) that had an interesting idea: search
a search engine for lyrics, then filter them out
of the page. Well, after examining pages from
several lyric sites I determined they could be
extracted quite easily and quite the original
Googlyrics, however, I was never happy with the
way Googlyrics was programmed, it wasn\'t modular
and would only work with Amarok. Googlyrics2 is a
completely modular rewrite in pure python, it\'s
now simple to add in new lyric sites and modify it
for other media players. Googlyrics2 is only the
Amarok script with plugins for all the lyrics
sites from the original googlyrics (and yes, they
all work now and will be much easier to update due
to built in mass testing features), a seprate
application will later be released which will
allow Googlyrics2 to work with any media player.
Googlyrics2 currently supports 26 different lyrics
sites and can be easily added to. Big thanks to
the many people who have contributed code for the
original Googlyrics and to everyone who sends me
nice comments, I love to know I\'m appreciated
Laughing. Googlyrics2 now requires nothing more
than a default python 2.5 installation, no more
complaints on random forums about WWW::Mechanize.

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