ipodslave for KDE4 pre 0.01

David Edmundson kde at davidedmundson.co.uk
Sat Aug 9 00:14:57 CEST 2008

Name: ipodslave for KDE4
Version: pre 0.01
Type: KDE Other Utility
License: GPL
More Info:


Ipodslave is a project started by Michael Schulze
for editing the contents of your iPod through the
most natural way possible. The File browser. Songs
can be viewed in the traditional
Artists/Album/Song much like you would expect to
find them in an organised system, even though they
are stored in a far more obfuscated format on
disk. (Stupid Apple). I have ported the project so
that it runs under the latest QT4/KDE4

[b]What Works[/b]
Viewing the songs
Copying the songs on to other media
Viewing the statistics page

[b]What doesn\'t work[/b]
The compiler output is \"verbose\" to say the
It uses some deprecated QT3 functions, mostly to
do with QLists.
Clicking playlists causes a crash
Adding new files currently results in a message
saying ID3 messages are non-existant. I plan to
change the tagging library to taglib to be inline
with more of kdemultimedia
Apparently doesn\'t seem to compile under 64bit
Some synchronisation is done via webpages. This
isn\'t a good approach with Dolphin being the new

I\'m posting to here early to see if anyone wants
to help out, and to make sure that no-one else is
also working on porting this fantastic utility.

Original ipodslave can be found here:

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