Kopete Log Sync Toolkit 0.1

Crazy Alchemic aifiltr0 at lanparty.la
Fri Aug 8 16:10:31 CEST 2008

Name: Kopete Log Sync Toolkit
Version: 0.1
Type: KDE Chat Application
License: GPL
More Info:

 This tool allows you to sync two kopete log
directories. Say you have a notebook with /home/
mounted over NFS and you want to always have your
logs in sync - this is the solution. 

The tarball contains klt source (kopete log
toolkit) - a commmand line tool that allows to
merge and validate kopete logs and a slightly
modified version of klm bash script (it now
doesn\\\\\\\'t create duplicates of messages as it
used in the original). 

klm also requires gzip bzip and others for
archiving purposes. The requirement of xmlstarlet
and tidy is elimimnated since the logs are now
processed by a separate program.

klm bundled in this package is a rework of the
script located here:

Apart from the functionality, what was
* zerofix: some old versions of kopete used to
poison xm logs with 0x0 characters, so the zerofix
option of the bash script will help you fix them:
separately or in a batch
* validate: logs can be now validated all in one
pakage or in a batch.

Compilation requires cmake.
just run
$ cmake .
$ make 
in the directory with the source. Once compiled
edit the variable KLT at the top of the bash
script to reflect the path of the binary. No
proper install script this time since don\\\\\\\'t
have the time.

* Test other features
* Support log importing from other instant
* COntact list synchronisation.
* kdialog-based progressbar in bash script
* proper install script

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