lrcShow-II 0.8.2

Xu Jia xujia19 at
Thu Aug 7 12:45:38 CEST 2008

Name: lrcShow-II
Version: 0.8.2
Type: Amarok Script
Depend: PyKDE/PyQt
License: GPL
More Info:

 NOTE: From 0.6.0 version, lrcShow-II support

Python >=2.4
pyqt3 or pyqt4

lrcShow-II is a Amarok script, could show lyrics
(.lrc file) of current song dynamicly in a
unattached window (written by pyqt3 and pyqt4),
supporting local .lrc file searching, auto
searching on net, auto downloading, interface
color changing, show lines changing, font
changing, proxy supporting, save encoder setting,
a easy lrc file editor, fullscreen or OSD
displaying, searching engine changing, auto
hidding, a build-in help document browser, auto
inserting lyrics in Amarok sidebar, adjusting .lrc
file's time-tags offset, specifying searching rule
(strategy) and so on.

It's config file is:

Please read help document for details.

 08.8.7 - 0.8.2
0.8.1 - 0.8.2
1.add "about Qt" menu item (pyqt3,pyqt4)
2.combine certain menu items into "help" sub-menu
3.fix a bug that there is no lrc in window but
lrcShow-II still tries to find current line of lrc
when user switches the display mode between normal
and fullscreen (pyqt3,pyqt4)
4.rebuild the display sub-menu (pyqt4)
5.separate the "stay on top" display mode from
"OSD" display mode (pyqt3,pyqt4) the whole codes of menu (pyqt3) pyqt3 and pyqt4 version use the same APIs of
Qt, of course different Qt's version, except the
part of fast setting bar hide the cursor under fullscreen display
mode (pyqt4)
9.enhance the compatibility of reading
non-standard lrc file (pyqt3,pyqt4)
10.fix the function "clear all tags" in lrceditor
to work correctly when handle non-standard lrc
file (pyqt3, pyqt4)
11.fix a bug that occurs when write offset to file
and the original file has offset tag but no exact
value, like [offset:] (pyqt3, pyqt4)
12.add a function that save the lrc file in media
file's path (pyqt3,pyqt4)
13.add a function that search the lrc file in
media file's path additionally (pyqt3,pyqt4)
14.fix a bug that app would name the lrc file from
net using old tag info if user change the tag info
in Amarok then use "search lrc on internet"
function (pyqt3,pyqt4)
15.fix a bug that under horizontal mode the
"normal display mode"  menu item is still enabled
16.fix a bug that user canceled the lrc file
already, but app would still auto reloads the lrc
file after switching the mode between horizontal
and vertical (pyqt3,pyqt4) the lrc-editor only load the local lrc file
which window currently displayed (pyqt3,pyqt4)

08.7.10 - 0.8.1
1.fix a bug that "send to Amarok sidebar" function
occurs an error under horizontal-show
2.rebuild and improve vertical location (pyqt3)
3.add the ability of remembering font's style
4.update README document
5.fix a wrong hide behavior when need to choose
local lrc file and auto hide function is enabled
6.improve the method of detecting system's locale
(pyqt3,pyq4) disable the filter function when filter
keyworld is empty (pyqt3,pyqt4)
8.fix a bug of deleting lrc's head in lrc-editor
9.fix a bug that lrc is still rolling when Amarok
pauses then user reloads the lrc (pyqt3,pyqt4)
10.fix a bug that the lrc would not be centered if
certain line is wider than window (pyqt3)

08.6.30 - 0.8.0
1.update "chardet" copy to 1.0.1
2.fix translation
3.fix a bug that lrc-editor can not be opened when
Amarok stops (pyqt3 pyqt4)
4.fix a bug that lrc-editor can not be opened when
auto download function is enabled (pyqt3 pyqt4)
5.realize horizontal-show (pyqt3 pyqt4)
6.remove S-T transfer function (pyqt3)
7.rebuild the GUI part of adding local search
pathes (pyqt3)
8.add a warning when occur a encode error in
lrc-editor (pyqt3 pyqt4)
9.use saving codec to save the lrc file in
lrc-editor (pyqt3 pyqt4)
10.add setting shortcuts' GUI (pyqt3 pyqt4)
11.fix a bug that switch display mode occurs an
error when Amarok stops (pyqt3 pyqt4)
12.update readConfig module
13.update lrcParser module

08.6.10 - 0.7.2
1.remove the richText support in lrceditor (pyqt4)
2.rebuild the configure GUI (pyqt3 pyqt4)
3.move some menu items into configure GUI (pyqt3
4.realize filter lyrics function (pyqt3 pyqt4)
5.fix a bug that "reload" item in menu still
active when Amarok stop (pyqt3 pyqt4)
6.fix a bug that whole lrc file's path as matching
information (pyqt3 pyqt4) some GUI's layout (pyqt3 pyqt4)
8.allow using media file's name to search local
and name the lrc file from net (pyqt3 pyqt4)
9.allow user to set window's minimum width (pyqt3
10.update document
11.add a config file update system
12.change the background color preset
(if your old version is 0.7.1, needn't to delete
the config file; otherwise still need)

08.5.12 - 0.7.1 could use Amarok scrpt manager's configure
button to switch pyqt version
2.fix a bug that switch from OSD mode to normal
mode, window very wide (pyqt3,pyqt4)
3.rebuild and enhance the lrc editor (pyqt3 pyqt4)

This version need update the config file

08.04.06 - 0.7.0
1.improve the calculation of "margin".(pyqt3
2.fix the bug that window behavior error when
showline=1 or font size too big.(pyqt4)
3.rebuild the fast setting bar.(pyqt3)
4.add Amarok control function in fast setting
5.set the default timeout 15 seconds.(pyqt3 pyqt4)
6.add the function that check the lrc file from
net(pyqt3 pyqt4)
7.update and improve the baidu search
engine.(pyqt3 pyqt4)
8.fix a bug in the function of downloading lrc
file from ttplayer engine.(pyqt4)
9.add checking connection timeout when search
engine download file directly.(pyqt3 pyqt4)
10.fix a bug that show document wrong in
11.realize window auto hide or minimized if there
is no lrc.(pyqt3 pyqt4)
12.add "other setting" menu item and
function.(pyqt3 pyqt4)
13.add auto inserting lrc to Amarok side bar
function.(pyqt3 pyqt4)
14.add a option that users could decide if search
lrc when track only has title or artist.(pyqt3
15.add a function that show track's information in
title bar.(pyqt3 pyqt4)
16.rebuild the part of Amarok status
checking.(pyqt3 pyqt4)
17.fix a bug that can not decide the Amarok's
status when track has neither title nor artist tag
information.(pyqt3 pyqt4)
(Need to delete the old config file)

08.03.30 - 0.6.4
1.fix the bug that the Amarok signal listening
thread stop when user use the Amarok control
function, especially "pause" and "stop"
2.fix the bug that the lyrics could not be in
center if one line of lyrics wider than
3.fix the bug that sometimes insert a wrong time
tag when use the lrc editor.(pyqt3、pyqt4)

08.03.05 - 0.6.3
1.add a information dialog when config file need
to be deleted.(pyqt 2 and 4)
2.fix a bug in which decide the save lrc director
has the write permission(pyqt 3 and 4) local save path and search path could be
different(pyqt3 and 4) more than one path to be local search
pathes(pyqt3 and 4)
5.fix a bug that in lrc editor occur a encode
error when user use "save as" function (pyqt4)
6.add a "remember" strategy in setting strategy
dialog (pyqt3 and 4)
(NOTE:this version need delete the old config

08.02.03 - 0.6.1
1.rebuild the shortcuts part, and add shotcuts for
pyqt3 version
2.fix encoder error after editing via lrc editor
(pyqt3 and 4)
3.fix the bug that last line won't be highlighted
4.add "cancel current lrc" function (3 and 4)
5.improve the method to decide if play or pause (3
and 4)
6.add "reload current track's lrc" function (3 and

08.1.24 - 0.6.0
1.start to support pyqt4
2.fix a bug when load the font info from config
file (pyqt3 and 4)
3.fix read encoder error bug after writting(pyqt3
and 4)
4.remove the ST interaction function (pyqt4)

08.1.12 - 0.5.1
1.fix a reading encoder is null bug
2.combine menu items
3.add a shortcut for "save offset to file"
4.add a warning dialog when user has no writing
permission under local lrc path
5.fix a bug occurs when ttplayer engine search a
result but infact it's none
6.fix a returning encoder bug in ttplayer engine
7.add Amarok control function
8.add a function that inserting lrc to Amarok's
contextbrowser the default setting for saving encoder is

08.1.6 - 0.5.0
1.fix a bug that the shortcuts codes occur error
under some distributions
2.realize to separate the reading encoder and
writing encoder
3.realize auto detecting local lrc file's encoder
4.the menu item "set lrc file's writing encoder"
now just effect writing, not reading any more.
5.add "strategy" concept, please read help
document for details.
6.add five strategies
7.add custom database for recording strategy info
8.fix a translation error
9.rename to

07.12.23 - 0.4.2
1.add ttplayer search engine
2.set the ttplayer search engine as default
3.fix a bug that release the mouse on GUI,
highlight would be disappear
4.add auto choose function for lrc choose dialog
5.fix a bug that sometimes a line of lyric could
not been highlighted close lrc choose dialog after track changes

07.12.20 - 0.4.1
1.fix the behavior error when Amarok stops
2.improve matching the signal from Amarok
3.add "search from web" menu item
4.add a choose dialog when more than one local lrc
files have been searched
5.add a question dialog when user want to download
a file that already exists a same name file on

First release.

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