Krusader 2.0.0-beta1

Shie Erlich manson at
Sat Aug 2 07:43:56 CEST 2008

Name: Krusader
Version: 2.0.0-beta1
Type: KDE Filemanager
Depend: KDE 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

  .. is an advanced twin panel (commander style)
file manager for KDE 3,
similar to Midnight or Total Commander (formerly
Windows Commander), with
many extras. It provides all the file-management
features you could possibly

Plus: extensive archive handling, mounted
filesystem support, FTP, advanced
search module, viewer/editor, directory
synchronisation, file content
comparisons, powerful batch renaming and much much

It supports the following archive formats: tar,
zip, bzip2, gzip, rar, ace,
arj and rpm and can handle other KIOSlaves such as
smb or fish. It is
(almost) completely customizable, very user
friendly, fast and looks great on
your desktop! :-)

 2.0.0-beta1 "Phoenix Egg"

    ADDED: [ 1962519 ] searching by regexp
    ADDED: [ 1172426 ] loading user defined folder
icons (can be turned off)
    ADDED: Posibility to remove default
    ADDED: Thunderbird can be used as the default
e-mail sender
    ADDED: Sending more than one file in e-mail is
    ADDED: Submenus for categories in UserAction
menu and context menu
    ADDED: Character encoding for content search
    ADDED: Select remote encoding for krarc
    ADDED: New synchronizer shortcuts for
modifying the synchronizer tasks

     ARCH: Ported to KDE4!
     ARCH: Removed all dependencies to the Qt3
support libs
     ARCH: Codebase in sync with last KDE3 release
     ARCH: Added experimental support for the
Windows platform
    FIXED: [ 1506205 ] krviewer crash at urls with
non-existing redirection
    FIXED: [ 1854760 ] [ 1516619 ] inconsistent
    FIXED: [ 1920084 ] kdiff3 is allowed to handle
remote URL-s
    FIXED: [ 1638817 ] toolbar loses orientation
when modified
    FIXED: [ 1578310 ] can't open ISO image by
symbolic link
    FIXED: Enabled KRename on remote files
    FIXED: Right arrow in the detailed view can
now go even inside iso files
    FIXED: Konfigurator: Dependency lists are now
    FIXED: Filter: Don't list comments in
user/group chooser
    FIXED: Current working directory not returned
in populateVfsList
    FIXED: Eject DVD with right-click menu
    FIXED: Actionman, sometimes the command field
is empty (the text was rolled)
    FIXED: GCC 4.3: missing #includes (thanks to
Fathi Boudra)
    FIXED: Searcher doesn't always find content in
binary files
    FIXED: [ 1619452 ] Profile doesn't save status
of sync-browse mode
    FIXED: [ 1681270 ] right clicking pops context
menu immediately
    FIXED: [ 1645179 ] shortcut keys are not sent
to the terminal
    FIXED: [ 1736496 ] always sort dirs by name
not working

     I18N: Merged krarc.pot and iso.pot into
krusader.pot (thanks Vaclav Juza)
     I18N: Updated Hungarian translation
     I18N: Updated French translation (thanks
Henry Nicolas)
     I18N: Fixed [ 1725003 ] bad spanish
     I18N: Fixed untranslatable strings (thanks
Vaclav Juza)
     I18N: Updated Ukrainian translation (thanks
Yuri Chornoivan)
     I18N: Updated Catalan translation (thanks
Joaquim Perez)
     I18N: Updated French translation (thanks
Tourneur Henry-Nicolas)

  REMOVED: Clear location button (in KDE4 it is
part of the KLineEdit)
           (thanks Fathi Boudra)

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