QTGZManager Beta3

Alexandre Arnt aaarnt at gmail.com
Sun Sep 30 19:45:15 CEST 2007

Name: QTGZManager
Version: Beta3
Type: KDE System Tool
Depend: Qt 4.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://jtgzmanager.sf.net
More Info:

 QTGZManager is a TGZ package management
application that uses standard pkgtools (present
in any Slackware based system) to manage the
software in the OS. It provides an easy to use
four pane view (directories, packages in the
selected dir, installed packages in the system and
package actions), drag and drop and context menus
support. It also uses kdesu to ask your root
credential when needed. Built with QT4.2, GCC and
Kdevelop 3.4.0.

The tarball contains sources and the statically
linked binary.

 Beta2r2 -> Beta3

Thanks to the community support, here comes a
delayed but very consistent new version of
QTGZManager. Enjoy!

- Many bug fixes and interesting new features.
Visit the website for detailed information.

AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH: Andrea Sciucca and
Manfred Mueller for your feedback and work with
the translation files. 

Beta2 -> Beta2r2

- Add German translation - THANKS to Manfred
Mueller (www.live-modules.org)

Beta1r2 -> Beta2

- Linked against QT 4.2.3
- Fix package recognition algorithm
- Add translation support (for now only pt_BR). To
use it, just "export LANG=pt_BR" in bash_profile
or alike.
- New option to view package information in the
context menu (the same as F8)
- Add package content view option
- Add diff between package contents option
- Fix output tab for the site url to work
- Add a button and context menu options to close
the current tab and all tabs
- Add new application icon, to make the
application more Slackware-like :-)
- Add option to navigate and select packages with
keyboard (and see the changes in the installed
packages view)
- Add a toolbar with some useful commands
(maximize lower view, hide installed packages
view, execute actions, refresh package lists and

Beta1 -> Beta1r2

- Add package reinstall option
- Fix package recognition algorithm
- Reworked About Dialog
- Fix context menus when more than one package
- Confirm exit when pending actions
- Add html output on "package action output"

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