KSniffer 0.3.1

Giovanni Venturi giovanni at ksniffer.org
Sun Sep 30 18:04:24 CEST 2007

Name: KSniffer
Version: 0.3.1
Type: KDE Networking Tool
Depend: KDE 3.3.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://www.ksniffer.org/
More Info:

 This application is a sniffing application for
KDE. It needs a lot of feature I'm working on it,
but it's not yet complete but you can use it. It
produces files compatible with Ethereal,
WireShark, tcpdump. The last code release is into
SVN KDE in trunk/playground/network . 

Help is always welcome, also like tester. If you
want to make KSniffer useful you're welcome. A
list of things to do is in TODO file.

The version 0.3.1 is a stable version. From 0.3
was fixed some bugs and added some small features.
This version contains all available translations.
Feedbacks on features and bugs are welcome. Help,
translations and donations are welcome too. To
know how to donate, give help or contact me see
the website. New binaries packets are needed. Help
to spread this application if you can.

Thank you,

 KSniffer 0.3.1 [30 September 2007]
  - fixed recognized MAC address for ARP protocol
  - a more detailed packets raw view
  - disable "New Capture" if you have problem with
ksniff permissions
  - optimize the parsing of /etc/services file
  - some more information for ICMP protocol
  - let you sniff also on special network devices
with no MAC address
  - fixed a crash when stopping the file loading
  - disable "New Capture" in the GUI if there are
permissions installation problems with ksniff
  - a faster startup

KSniffer 0.3 [21 Jul 2007]:
  - new icon and splashscreen thanks to Carmine De
  - fixed crash when you click on a captured
packet after you tryed to open a file, but you
didn't open it
  - give the port name to UDP and TCP connections
getting them from /etc/services file
  - show raw bytes of a selected packet from the
list of the captured one
  - changed "sniff" application name to "ksniff"
to avoid name conflicts with other sniffing
  - fixed bug that avoid saving sniffed data
quitting from the application
  - get the list of the network interfaces that
have different MAC addresses
  - check ksniff permissions to avoid users think
KSniffer doesn't work: Debian/*ubuntu/OpenSuSE
      the suid bit: a warning dialog will appear
in case ksniff ha not found or has not the SUID

KSniffer 0.2 [11 Feb 2007]:
 - add/remove KSniffer in/from the system tray bar
 - added KSniffer option dialog:

   - sniffer settings:
      * display packets after you stopped capture

   - capture settings:
      * stop manually
      * stop after X packets
      * stop after X
      * stop after X seconds/minutes/hours/days

 - added data for TCP detail display

 - added pause/continue capture

 - reading ports name from system (file

 - quick search added (dependancy from kdelibs >=

 - better management for loading file

 - better management for temporary file

 - root privileges don't need anymore for the GUI

 - removed sorting feature cause of bad performing
for lots of packets

 - getting information on IP: can be detected some
networking information
   on source or destination selected IP:
     * whois
     * traceroute
     * ping
     * dig
     * host
     * nslookup

 - compiling on FreeBSD and some other Linux

 - fixed boring bugs

KSniffer 0.1.1 [1 Aug 2005]:
 - updated nl translation
 - fixed configure warning
 - fixed compiling with KDE 3.2
 - fixed compiling on 64 bits architecture systems

KSniffer 0.1 [30 Jul 2005]:
 - starting network packet-capture session
 - opening libpcap format file
 - drag & drop for libpcap format file
 - saving in libpcap format file the captured
packet session
 - actived the open recent file menu item
 - stopping network packet-capture session
 - tray bar menu
 - packet details display
 - when capture was stopped you can sort packets
list by: frame number, time, source address,
destination address, protocol
 - detected protocols: IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, ARP

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