KMPlayer 0.10.0

koos vriezen koos.vriezen at
Sat Sep 29 00:55:44 CEST 2007

Name: KMPlayer
Version: 0.10.0
Type: KDE Video Application
Depend: KDE 3.1.x
License: LGPL
More Info:

 Video player plugin for Konqueror using MPlayer,
Xine, a NS Plugin loader or GStreamer. Like
MPlayer, the Xine and GStreamer backend are
out-of-process players. So it will not crash
konqueror when Xine or GStreamer crashes.
Also a simple tool for video playing and
recording. Supports many playlist formats,
including PLS, M3U, ASX, XSPF, SMIL and podcast
RSS/Atom, plays all links directly from the
internet. Other specialties are DVD, CDROM, VCD
and VDR support.

 This release is for enabling flash support in
Konqueror using either the swfdec-mozilla plugin
or Adobe beta's. Also allows adding YouTube
'embed' tags to the playlist so these movies can
be played directly in KMPlayer.
Pushed out earlier than planned because of compile
errors of previous releases with gcc-4.2.

Changes since version 0.10.0-pre3
- Fix double scaling of video in a region
- Use XPLAIN again for npp's GtkPlug embedded in
QXEmbed, makes reproducable   mouse grab go away

Previous changes in 0.10.0
- Fix unpausing with multi items from playlist
- Compile fix for gcc >= 4.2
- Cairo painting speedups, always round to screen
pixel values
- Adjust for timer drifting in SMIL files
- SMIL additions, add AnimateMotion, more
transition types, transOut support,  region
background image, support Region 'showBackground'
- Replace -vop with -vf for MPlayer
- Allow per mimetype preferred player backend
- Add npp backend that plays xembed style browser

Changes since version 0.9.4
- Crash fix in playlist change while still playing
- Support for mouse events on 'area' elements in
- Clear the 'Connecting' status message when we
got the data
- Fix regression in 0.9.4, xine added reference
links weren't auto played
- Fix painting gifs that where larger than qmovie
default buffer size
- Support SMIL 'fillDefault' attribute
- Globally share XML attribute names, reducing
memory pressure
- Fix region painting regression to limit updating
only the region rectangle
- Add audio/x-ms* to list of possible playlists

Changes since version 0.9.3a
- Support for MPlayer ICY stream info
- Fix flashing/resizing infowindow between two
items having info
- Podcast item w/o an enclose but having a
description now keep them self active for a
calculated time
- Fix easy breaking reading CDATA sections
- Changed intro animation, making it slightly
shorter and using fade transition
- Add support for SMIL linknodes a and area, brush
and transiton (only fade)
- RealPix's fades now realy fades in or out
- Moved SMIL/RealPix painting to libcairo
- Fix auto hiding controlpanel disappeared after
switching to console view
- Fix autohiding controlpanel when there is also a

0.9.x versions are the begin of playlist support,
but trying very hard not to duplicate the ones
found in the audio players and kaffeine. Current
idea is using a subset of SMIL as a document
format. This means no list of playable entries,
but more like a presentation.
I'm open for ideas for a good editor :-).

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