sqliteman 1.0.1 and 20070925

Petr vanek petr at scribus.info
Tue Sep 25 10:33:41 CEST 2007

Name: sqliteman
Version: 1.0.1 and 20070925
Type: KDE Development Tool
Depend: Qt 4.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://sqliteman.com
More Info:

 The best developer's and/or admin's GUI tool for
in the world. No joking here (or just a bit only)
- it
contains the most complette feature set of all
available. And it's just the beginning... and now
-- project website has been moved into

1.0.1 is the bugfix release for 1.0 -- no
additional features included, only bugfixes. All
users are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

20070925 is the SVN-development snapshot to obtain
user comments and bugreports. All brave users are
encouraged to test it. It requires Qt 4.3.x now.

Sqliteman can be used with Qt 4.2.x but the 4.3.x
is stronlgy recomended.

Miscelanous notes:

Linux note: Sourceforge.net contains only the
code and Windows/Mac binaries. Packaging of
for your distribution is on your software vendor.
But there are some packages prepared for you
Please visit the repository to get the stuff:

Windows Big Fat Note: Setup package will install
into system. Plain zip file can be unpacked

Yet Another Note for MS Windows users: I do not
use MS
Windows extensively. If you are facing with any
let me know to get it working.

Project homepage:

 Stable 1.0.1 bugfixes:
* fixed various wrong selecting SQL statements in
the editor
* fixed bug with relative path handling
  was taken as /foo.db in some cases)
* fixed accel collision in the "Recents" menu
* fixed bug #84 cosmetic: vertical space for table
fields when
  doubleclicking table in table tree. It's done by
  Upstream bug report for Trolltech filled.
* fixed: text editor content is not cleared before
opening a new file
* various translation fixes
* fixed #79 showing trigger, bad scroll bar
* fixed #75 Table tree not updated after ALTER
TABLE statement in editor

SVN snapshot release 20070925:

* finally the right builder for MS windows
* translation files updated for translators
* predefined colors separated into Preferences
* #2: add columns to treeview
* Preferences are now separated from GUI. It saves
HDD from reading every
  time there is any option required. Much faster
painting ops.
* suppress terminal warnings  subik
* watch sql file for external changes
* basic search facility for sql editor implemented
* #10: export query data
* #8: put the result table from a query into a
separate window
* #12: result display as a form
* mouse wheel-click jump fix
* move cursor to the beginning of sql doc when
it's opened
* sql editor font size prefs. As Vista is a little
bit stupid in this area.
* #17: INSERT statement bug
* data import is working (except some CSV issues.
Maybe it's time for some 3rd party library).
* fixed #9: text wrap within a column
* Qt4.3.x and xml module required. Shortcuts
imp/exp feature.
* Shortcuts for SQL editor
* "Using SVN" warning

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