kooldock 0.4.7

Blase Stanek bisiek at op.pl
Sun Sep 23 11:23:04 CEST 2007

Name: kooldock
Version: 0.4.7
Type: KDE Improvement
Depend: Qt 3.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://sourceforge.net/projects/kooldock
More Info:

 A kool dock for KDE. It attemps to resemble the
Mac OSX dock. This is improved koolDock v0.3
(which is base on ksmoothdock 2.1), which isn't my
program, but it isn't officailly developed for
about two years.


App Launcher.
On Screen text display (over icons).
Drag&Drop app list.
Nice hide-show animation.
Xinerama support.

If you experience problems compiling KoolDock
please do the following:
# make -f Makefile.cvs
# ./configure
# make; make install

IMPORTANT: For GNOME users - if you experience
problems with launchers (can't open and edit), you
probably don't have KDEbase istalled. Installing
this package should solve this problems.

IMPORTANT: If you have something wrong in
settings, and kooldock don't appear, you can run
# kooldock -o
to have preferences window at start.

If you have any problems or bugs with kooldock,
you can post information about it in comments or
send it to bisiek op.pl (after bisiek insert 'at'

I prepare only source and I probably can't help
with packgages made by other people. 

If configure script fails while checking X server,
you probably need to install the xlibs-dev
package. If it won't help try these:
build-essensial libqt3-mt-dev libqt3-compat-header
kdelibs4-dev kdebase-dev. Thanks to Mrmonday for
the solution.

SVN repository checkout:
svn co

I can't continue developing Kooldock - I won't
stop working on it, but that work will much slower
than now. If you want to help - I will help you to
understand the code.

 23/09/2007: KoolDock 0.4.7
  - Improved icon positioning.
  - Added 'Show only minimized' option.
  - Disabled systray support.
  - Improved drawing engine.
  - Added speed control (modifies kooldock's
animation time to make it closest to desired
  - Reduced CPU wakeups, when kooldock is inactive
(should be 4-8 per second)
  - Reorganised tabs in setting window.
  - Added 'Apply' button in options window,
improved settings applying speed.
  - Added simple KBFX support (necessary kicker
  - Added automatic background refresh (on
minimize/maximize/restore/activate window).
  - Added similar task grouping.
  - Minor fixes and improvements.

16/02/2007: KoolDock 0.4.6
  - Added choice of amount of big icons.
  - Added choise of edge on which kooldock has to
  - Added option allowing to don't scroll while
mouse is on the same icon (centred on it).
  - Added Italian translation.

16/02/2007: KoolDock 0.4.5
  - Icon positioning improvments.
  - Some optimizations.

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