TorK 0.19

Robert Hogan robert at
Wed Sep 19 20:06:52 CEST 2007

Name: TorK
Version: 0.19
Type: KDE Networking Tool
Depend: KDE 3.5.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 TorK is an Anonymity Manager for KDE.

For information about Tor:

TorK allows you to configure, run and update Tor.
It also allows you to view the Tor network and
choose how you would like to interact with the

TorK contains a number of unique/useful features:

* A graph of your tor and non-tor traffic.
* A quickstart page for launching torified

* A hidden services wizard that allows you to
create and publish hidden 

* A drag-and-drop view of the Tor network. Create,
modify and close circuits. 
Attach and detach streams manually from circuits.
Click on servers to view 
their full details.

* Exit node blocking/preferring by country and
server name.

* Tor and Non-Tor traffic logs - showing you the
traffic that is going through 
Tor and the traffic that is not. The Tor traffic
log maintains a record of 
the circuit you used for each connection. Both
logs are maintained in memory 
only and can be flushed by the user at any time.

* A turn-on-and-off-able mini-view that shows you
the traffic currently going 
through Tor - including destination, status, and
exit node's name and 

* Passive pop-ups alerting you to important Tor
events, such as changes to  
your server status, DNS leaks, errors reported by

* Quick configuration - six default configurations
available for getting Tor 
running the simple and easy way.

* Full access to all Tor configuration options.

TorK is in beta. Please report the any bugs to:
tork-users at

 2007-09-19 Robert Hogan 
    TorK 0.19
    New Features
      o Client-side Censorship evasion
      o Add passive pop-up with client/server/bw
info when hovering over system tray.
        Re-cycled from a feature in KTorrent (c)
Joris Guisson.
      o Ability to run anti-censorship server
      o Text Filter for Server list
      o Recent bandwidth history in Server Info
      o Enforce cookie authentication during
first-run wizard for local tor instances.
      o Recommend password authentication during
first-run wizard for remote tor instances.
      o Search for cookie in multiple directories.
      o Czech translation from "Marek Stopka
      o Option to anonymize konqueror immediately
when starting/connecting to Tor.

    Bug Fixes/Feature Fixes
	  o Fix a stupid bug that degraded performance
over multipe stop/starts of tor 
      o Miscellaneous fixes to configuration
      o Remove dyndns ip testing.
      o Fix ' lacks a SONAME' reported by "Wulf C.
      o Only show server-info on left click.
      o Make 'My Family' usable again (and better)
      o Remove 'Let Tor Decide Whether I should be
a server'
      o Session exclude nodes were not getting
cleared at the end of the session.
      o Fix the sorting of messages in the 'Tor
Log' tab.
      o Beefed up introduction wizard.

    TorK 0.18
    Major Features
        o 'Failsafe' settings, including DNS
re-routing for Tor 0.2.0 and above.
        o Add 'program' column to connection
display for Tor 0.2.0 and above
    Minor Features
        o Refactor 'Network View' config pane to
make the config page load faster.
        o Make DNS requests asynchronous.
        o Make default server name uniform rather
than random 'TorKServer'
        o Simplified Chinese Translation from
        o Implement general, server and client
status events
        o Add country servers to exclude list if
country blocked
        o Add TorK generated messages to Tor log
and flag accordingly.
        o Implement entry-guards status events
        o Update flags icon-set
    Bug Fixes
        o Remove most compiler warnings
        o Remove dependency on libkonq
        o Install torksocks using the path defined
at compilation
2007-06-01 Robert Hogan 
    TorK 0.17
    Major Features
        o Kicker applet
        o Konqueror plugin
        o Konqueror right-cliick actions
        o Add tor: io slave.
    Minor Features
        o Turkish translation (Emre Aladag, Inanc
Yildirgan, Mustafa Gunay, Ertugrul Erata)
    Minor Bug Fixes
        o Reset filters when server list fully

2007-05-08 Robert Hogan 
    TorK 0.16
    **Important Bug Fix**
        o Konqueror settings to disable/enable
plugins/java/javascript were not being applied
          to all existing konqueror windows when
anonymity was toggled.
    Minor Features
        o Make DNS Leak warnings less noisy. The
rationale now is: If we see a DNS request 
          (noticing these is still not failsafe),
and an active Tor connection within the next 6
          then report a possible DNS leak. The
previous approach was to report possible leaks
          whenever a DNS request was noticed while
KDE/Konqueror were enabled for Tor.
        o Be more informative when KDE-wide
anonymity is toggled.
        o Add Pidgin to application list.
        o Point to
    Bug Fixes
        o Change installation of GeoIP so that it
is internal to TorK, rather than system wide.
          This prevents crashes if the
installation is not 'as expected'.
        o Enforce 20KB as minimum bandwidth in
configuration module.

2007-04-30 Robert Hogan 
    Minor Features
        o If thttpd is installed, don't offer to
download it.
        o Add 'Run Server' button
        o Alert user that KDE's non-anonymous
settings have been restored when Tork is closed.
        o Beginnings of intro-wizard.
        o Speed up sliding notifications
        o Fix bug when stopping and restarting
connection to tor.
        o Show version of Tor in titlebar

2007-03-25 Robert Hogan 
    Major Features:
        o Add Pseudonymity button
        o Filter servers by country and by type.
        o Filter log events, traffic logs.
        o Display bandwidth per stream.
        o Dynamically block/prefer exits with
        o Allow user to specify what bandwidth
should be allowed to Tor and when.
        o Allow user to select terminal type for
tor-ified ssh/telnet sessions.

    Minor Features
        o do not install libwhich and libgeoip
        o count our own seconds for bw events
        o Fix browser settings for opera/firefox
        o Combo select for tor session type
(beneath onion on main page)

    Bug Fixes
        o Really fix irritating window resizes
when long log messages displayed!

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