PySMSsend 1.22

Markos . markaki2002 at
Sat Sep 15 23:02:05 CEST 2007

Name: PySMSsend
Version: 1.22
Type: KDE Web Application
Depend: PyKDE/PyQt
License: GPL
More Info:

 Program is renamed in PySMSSend

[b]Please see Projects Webpage

for Gentoo Ebuild and Arch pkgbuild[/b]

*************************** README
Supporting  Accounts : Voipbuster, Voipdiscount,
This Program was inspired by the SMS program on
Cool4U found on Gentoo Forums

Full Release

** Installed from package manager

1) You can run the programm by running pysmssend

2) Use pysmssend -h to see the help documentation

3) If you dont use any parameter the gui
installation will start ( for Gentoo users, you
should have installed the program using qt4 flag )

** Install using included scripts

Untar the tarball and run as root the


On the folder where you untar the program run the script 

Please delete on your own the folder ~/.pysmssend 


Please mind the followings when using the command
line tool

1) Use " " if you username,password,text incluse
special characters or ! please escape the
character as the example below

lets say the password is test!@ , write it as
test\ !@

2) Text should be included in  " " if you use the
space character


[b]Command line interface now available [/b]


1) New impoved main code
2) Gui and main code now they are two different
3) Added verbose option on command line interface.
No information is displayed when running on
No-verbose mode
4) Bux fixes
5) Text length message chech on commanline tool
6) Fixes on temporary create and delete files
7) Fixed installed script

** 1.20

1) New Addressbook code
a) Now there is no need of having both first and
last name on addressbook and also a contact might
not have a cell phone 
b) Better Gui
c) Unicode support fixed

2) Main code fixes
3) Command line program fixes


1) Sms can now run from command line too
2) Code modification for Gentoo Ebuilds
3) Bug Fixes and code spelling errors
4) Name changed to pysmssend
5) Fixed icon transparency
6) Pkgbuild available
7) Ebuild availabe
8) Addressbook marked as Beta Version


I'd like to thanks Giorgos Kargiotakis for the
Gentoo ebuilds  :)

1) New Gui interface
2) Fixed Code
	a) Realtime text length
	b) Remeber me Option for all accounts
	c) All data now stored on homefolder/.sendsms
	d) All files delete on exit except the folder (
Thats because this folder stores the accounts too
	e) Cathed errors on deleting files
3) New addressbook look


Latest version of the program

Stable version

1) Fixed Code
2) Icons Added
3) Fixed Interface

** 1.08beta

1) Supports Voipdiscount ( need feedback )
2) Fixed spelling mistakes


** 1.07
	Alpha version for voipdiscount support

** 1.06

1) Read contacts from address book
The program assumes you have your contacts stored
on ~/.kde3.5/share/apps/kabc/std.vcf

2) Inserts the Selected Number from the
addressbook on Number field

** 1.05 beta

1) First Attemp co-operating with kaddressbook

** 1.04

1) Support for OTEnet Web2SMS

** 1.03

1) Password now appears with *
2) Login feedback fixed
3) Message length  can now be checked by pressing
the button "Check Characters"
4) Final Check of message length before sending
the sms
5) Smaller size

** 1.02

Second and Stable version of the Program


1) Feedback on loggin
2) Feedback if the sms sent or not
3) Correct the Message if it is bigger than 160

** 0.8

First Version of the program. The program didnt
send any feedback back. It was just for testing

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