K Menu Gnome (Fedora Core Package) 0.6.8-2

Chitlesh GOORAH cgoorah at yahoo.com.au
Wed Sep 12 23:58:26 CEST 2007

Name: K Menu Gnome (Fedora Core Package)
Version: 0.6.8-2
Type: KDE Improvement
Depend: KDE 3.5.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 K Menu with Gnome folder and extra icons for KDE
3.2 or later.

If you install both KDE and Gnome then K Menu will
become a mess with overpopulated submenus. Some
distributions try to solve this by hiding many
Gnome apps in KDE and most KDE apps in Gnome. I do
not like that. I want to access Gnome apps in KDE
and KDE apps in Gnome. So this is my attempt to
both maintain desktop interoperability and unmess
the menus.

Why should one install both KDE and Gnome at all?
You might share your machine with somebody who
prefers the other desktop, or you might be a
desktop junky like I am.

To download it, fedora users: 
# yum install kmenu-gnome

This applies for fedora users.


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