ktikz - Editor for the TikZ language 0.4

Florian Hackenberger f.hackenberger at chello.at
Wed Sep 12 00:13:04 CEST 2007

Name: ktikz - Editor for the TikZ language
Version: 0.4
Type: KDE Graphic Editor
License: GPL
More Info:

 Version 0.4 is released! Please see my website
for a changelog. And please be aware that you need
the feisty-backports repository in order to be
able to use the deb package (Qt 4.3 is needed).
for details.

Please post wishes and bug reports below.

KtikZ is a small application helping you to create
TikZ (from the LaTeX pgf package) diagrams for
your publications. It requires qt4, libpoppler,
LaTeX (pdflatex), the LaTeX preview-latex-style
package [1] and pgf itself [2]. For the eps export
functionality you also need the poppler-utils
package. If you'd like to improve this litte tool
just check it out from svn
(svn://hackenberger.at/svnroot/ktikz) and send me

Here are some TODOs:
[li]A configuration dialog for changing the
highlighting colors and the font[/li]
[li]Print image[/li]
[li]Improve the tikz and latexlog

The following Kubuntu packages are required for
(not counting an ordinary C++ development
environment and a
standard LaTeX environment)

Compile the application as following:
[quote]tar xf ktikz-0.3.tar.gz
cd ktikz

Now ktikz can be started with


 Version 0.3:
- show in the statusbar the position of the cursor
in the text edit
- the preview image (in PDF format) is displayed
using poppler instead
of converting the PDF file to PNG first and
displaying the PNG file
(poppler version 0.5.4 is used)
- added zooming of the image (using poppler)
- export to PNG is done directly in Qt now; as a
consequence (of this
and of using poppler to display the preview image)
ktikz no longer
depends on ImageMagick
- added "Open Recent" menu
- if ktikz is run on the command line, then it
loads the first argument
(if it is a valid file name)
- the open/save file dialog remembers the last
directory in which a
PGF source file was opened/saved
- loading of translations if available
- added French translation
- changed qmake files so that the files will be
installed in the correct
place (the installation prefix can be configured
in the file conf.pri)
- the wait cursor is displayed while typesetting
the PGF picture to PDF
Version 0.2:
- replaced the icons in XPM format by icons in PNG
format from KDE4's Oxygen theme (obtained from
- placed the text edit and the preview area in a
splitter so that their relative width can be
changed by the user
- placed the log text edit in a dockwidget (which
can be hidden)
- temporary files are now put in QDir::tempPath()
+ "/ktikz" (on Linux this is /tmp/ktikz), so your
working directory remains clean
- closing the application now removes all
temporary files and stops the thread
- the first time that the thread (generating the
output image) is executed is not on startup
anymore, but when the user actually changes the
text or loads a file
- images can now be exported to EPS, PDF and PNG
- for some standard actions, the standard key
sequence is used (e.g. QKeySequence::Open instead
of Ctrl+O)
- the toolbars can be hidden
- corrected typo "TiKz" to "TikZ"
- a function runProcess is used which makes the
code of generatePdfFile and generatePngFile easier
(in tikzpngpreviewer.cpp)
- made a better about dialog

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