KSquirrel 0.7.1try3

Dmitry Baryshev ksquirrel at tut.by
Mon Sep 10 19:34:08 CEST 2007

Name: KSquirrel
Version: 0.7.1try3
Type: KDE Graphic Viewer
Depend: KDE 3.5.x
License: Other
Homepage: http://ksquirrel.sourceforge.net
More Info:

 KSquirrel is an image viewer for KDE implementing

* dynamic format support (~ 50 image formats)
* customizable filters
* external tools
* file tree
* thumbnails, extended thumbnails
* KIPI support
* KEXIF support
* list view, icon view, detailed view, thumbnail
* archive support
* view of currently mounted partitions
* flexible options
* slidedshow
* preview window

KSquirrel is the first viewer for KDE widely
supporting such a quantity of formats, including
Photoshop PSD, X cursors, animated GIF, WMF, SVG,
DXF and JPEG2000.

The detailed information, format of libraries with
examples, screenshots you can find visiting web
page http:// ksquirrel.sourceforge.net/

** Important: You should have video drivers
installed (means hardware-accelerated OpenGL

At this time KSquirrel supports 54 image formats.

 ksquirrel-0.7.1 and ksquirrel-libs-0.7.1

* context menu in file manager now have proper
content (it worked in KDE 3.3, but in 3.5 it
* kio-slaves support (including smb:/, tar:/ etc.)
* archive extractor now uses kio-slaves (see
previous). In general, it supports
   zip, ar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, iso, rar, 7zip. To
add support of rar and 7zip please install
   kio_rar and kio_p7zip (search
* thumbnail creation on non-local filesystems (for
ex. smb:/ or tar:/)
* statusbar improvements
* hotkeys in image window now don't depend on
current keyboard layout
* history combobox now shows mime types
* bugfixes in slideshow
* new thumbnails' cache directory. Please remove
old thumbnails from ~/.ksquirrel/thumbnails
* image rotation using EXIF in thumbnail loader
and image viewer
* KIPI plugins now could be loaded on demand
* F2 to rename files
* thumbnail loader now corresponds thumbnail spec
from freedesktop.org
* other small bugfixes

* added XFIG (transfig package is required)
* added Degas PI3
* TTF codec is designed for freetype 2.2.1 (it
should work at least in Debian Etch)
* CAMERA codec now uses dcraw v8.77 without
modifications, which doesn't violate dcraw license
* bugfixes in scripts

03.09.2007 update
* fixed compilation problems

10.09.2007 update
* context menu in folder tree
* folder tree now accepts drops
* previous directory now selected during
* current page in sidebar is now saved
* "Show hidden files" is also saved
* Sorting order is also saved :)

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