Fresh Memory 0.2

Mykhaylo Kopytonenko mishakop at
Mon Sep 10 09:45:09 CEST 2007

Name: Fresh Memory
Version: 0.2
Type: KDE Education
Depend: Qt 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 Fresh Memory is an educational tool for studying
foreign words or terms from a specific domain. The
application manages a set of dictionaries, which
can be loaded, created, modified and saved. The
user can take several types of tests on basis of
the loaded dictionary. The main tests are:
- Flash cards
- Multiple choice test.
These tests will help to memorize new words or
refresh old ones. The application works with
Unicode characters (UTF-8) and therefore is not
restricted to Latin letters.
The supported OSes are Linux and Windows. Also the
project can be theoretically compiled under MacOS,
as QT is used for its graphical interface.
This application makes powerful use of
Object-oriented programming with C++ and the QT
graphical library. All windows are implemented
with Model-View-Controller pattern. The QT's
built-in Model/View programming capabilities are
used for displaying dictionaries in a table form.
Other patterns that were used in this software
are: Factory, Singleton. The source code was
written with internationalization in mind. All
string data used in the program can be easily
translated to other languages using the standard
QT internationalization tools.

* Feature: Inserting and removing cards (rows) 
* Feature: Cut/Copy/Paste cards with the system
* Feature: Find cards 
- all standard find options 
- regular expressions 
- Find Again action 
* Add icons to buttons and windows 
* Add About dialog 
* Add --version, -v options 
* Add options to the project file to enable the
following commands: 
- make release 
- make install, make release install (Linux) 
* A lot of bugs fixed 

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