Last Sync 0.1 *beta*

Kevin Bocksrocker kevin.bocksrocker at
Thu Sep 6 18:16:15 CEST 2007

Name: Last Sync
Version: 0.1 *beta*
Type: Amarok Script
License: GPL
More Info:

 [b]=> Lastsync? What the ... (the short way)[/b]
Lastsync is a ruby script to download your
statistics like playcount of your music files and
save it to your Amarok database. This is
particular useful if you scrobble from many
sources (Linux, Windows, iPod ...) but want to
have a accurate Amarok statistic (e.g. for
creating dynamic playlists).

[b]=> What this script does (the long way)[/b] provides their complete information in a
XML format for easy access (see
for more details), but there\'s no way to see the
complete playcount of all tracks ever listened
(the \"Top Tracks\" stream only shows the Top 50).
To solve this problem, the script downloads your
complete \"Weekly Chart List\" history and
processes week by week, summing up the playcount
of all weeks. The script then searches for each
track in your Amarok database and sets the
playcount, score, last played and first played
time of the appropriate files. This is not
completely accurate, but works (for me it counted
23.000 of my 24.000 plays), to achieve the best
results run it Sunday Noon, after updates
their Weekly Chart.
Please note that the script currently only runs
with a SQLite Amarok-backend.

[b]=> Features[/b]
- Retrieve your stats (playcount, score,
last played, first played) and save it to your
- Correct misstagged id3 tags
- Supported backend: SQLite
- More to come :D

[b]=> Known Bugs[/b]
This is my first ruby script, so it is pretty
hacked together and there will be bugs, so always
make a backup of your collection.db! You have been

I want to improve my Ruby skills, so comments or
improvements are very welcome.
If you found a bug, want to make a feature request
or just want to say "thank you", you can leave a
comment, write an email or make a shout to my shoutbox under

[b]For usage and more info see the README

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